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October 2008's TRIZ Journal

| On 06, Oct 2008

By Katie Barry, Marco de Carvalho, Ellen Domb and Paul Filmore

Project management, the Moon, the Toyota Motor Corporation, construction sites and a fictional case study are the focal points of October’s TRIZ Journal. As nice as it is to have some months with themes, the breadth of topics that can appear within one issue hopefully delight the readers as much as they do the editors. 


  • The TRIZ Journal’s sister publication, iSixSigma, is seeking nominations of Lean Six Sigma projects that have positively impacted business and society to be inducted into the iSixSigma Hall of Fame in 2009. Largest Breakthrough Improvement Projects may be submitted in the following categories:

    • Community
    • Environment
    • Supply chain
    • Transactional
    • Manufacturing
    • Customer service
    • Solving the unsolvable
    • Innovation

Deadlines to enter are fast approaching! For more information on award categories and entry requirements, visit:

  • Innovations in New Service Development is being held November 20-21, 2008 in New Orleans; the theme is “Realigning the Service Pipeline to Address the Customer-Centric Economy.”

    • TRIZ Journal readers may take 10 percent off registration by quoting “TRIZ Journal.”

  • Catch up on recent conference by reading our commentator reports:

    • Katie Barry attended the PDMA’s 32nd Annual International Conference

    • Paul Filmore reported from the Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan

    • Ellen Domb described her time in Chicago at the Business Innovation Conference and in Mexico at the First National Forum for Organizational Competitiveness Through Innovation and Quality.

  • Don’t forget to submit your analyses and case studies for an upcoming issue of The TRIZ Journal. 

Until November, happy TRIZ reading!