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November 2007's TRIZ Journal

| On 05, Nov 2007

By Katie Barry, Ellen Domb and Michael S. Slocum

TRIZ in space! TRIZ under water! TRIZ in windows! TRIZ is everywhere this November! With a successful case study on the success of efficiency improvements to making sure that your business is adequately prepared for potential problems, TRIZ is there to help. This month the editors decided to play a more active role. (You readers don’t get to have all of the fun!) An article from Michael Slocum and commentaries by Ellen Domb and Katie Barry are featured below.

  • The value of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is increasing. Their value is further increased by increasing their efficiency and this case study looks at how this was achieved through the use of a few TRIZ tools.
  • You will not look at (or through) your windows the same way after reading this article on how the problems of needed airflow are addressed with the help of the contradiction matrix.
  • Design Features for Next Generation Technology Products looks at the complicated nature of creating future products. With a global marketplace and highly varied customer needs, there are tools a company can use to keep up with the changes.
  • An article about reversing TRIZ shows how well this process can help in business continuity planning.
  • Editor Michael Slocum makes an appearance this month with an article encompassing some of his recent commentaries – demonstrating the benefit of TRIZ in building the international space station and the Seawolf submarine.


  • The year hasn’t ended yet, but we are beginning to plan the early issues of 2008’s TRIZ Journal. Be a part of its future and submit your articles today.
  • A call for papers has been issued for the Altshuller Institute’s TRIZCON2008. Check out the details in a commentary post editor Katie Barry wrote last month.
  • Do not miss the commentaries that editor Ellen Domb shared from the 2nd Iberoamerican Technological Congress. Her time in Monterrey was clearly well-spent as both a speaker and a participant.
  • The TRIZ Home Page in Japan was updated November 1st. The website is celebrating its ninth anniversary – congratulations!

Until December, happy TRIZ reading!

Katie Barry, Ellen Domb and Michael S. Slocum