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April 2008's TRIZ Journal

| On 07, Apr 2008

By Katie Barry, Ellen Domb and Michael S. Slocum

This month’s issue includes an inclusive theory of innovation, designing “consummate” systems, a demonstration of the success of TRIZ in a corporation, examining the history and evolution of the Gallic harvester and forecasting the future. The past, the future, the narrow and the wide – it’s all inside April’s issue.

  • Gregory Yezersky’s general theory of innovation (GTI) tools and applications are revealed in his overview with two case studies, the evolution of the lawn mover and the movie rental market.
  • Following along the case study train, a look at how TRIZ has been incorporated into established process management activities at Dow Chemical examined.
  • Looking at the future is more than the work of psychics – it is also the work of technology forecasters. Kalevi Rantanen describes how to evaluate opposing forecasts to determine the future we can all expect.
  • Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman are back in the pages of The TRIZ Journal this month with a look at instruments for designing “consummate” systems – systems beyond the ideal. (Stay tuned for May’s issue, which will include a case study of a consummate system.)
  • The harvester hasn’t only been on the mind of of Peter Chuksin; a new country-western song by Craig Morgan is called “International Harvester”! But read this article for a better idea of the evolution of the Gallic harvester.


  • Founding editor Ellen Domb will be representing The TRIZ Journal at TRIZCON2008 April 13-15. For those of you who won’t be attending, plan to read her daily commentaries.
  • IIR’s Front End of Innovation will be held May 19-21 in Boston, Massachusetts. This 6th annual conference focuses on developing the catalyst for breakthroughs. This year’s keynote speaker is A.G. Lafley, CEO, P&G.

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  • One conference a year is not enough, so also consider attending IQPC’s Asian Six Sigma Summit. The 9th annual conference will be in Singapore June 24-25 and is is the leading platform for the gathering of Six Sigma minds in Asia to discuss the latest developments in Six Sigma benefiting all who are at the forefront of driving product, service and management excellence.

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  • Co-editor Michael S. Slocum wrote two articles on the topic of ideality for Real Innovation last month. The case studies, Ideality Drives Innovation for Kraft’s Lunchables and Using Ideality to Improve Solar Panel Release in Space, reinforce the importance of always striving for the ideal final result to problems.

Until May, happy TRIZ reading!