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| On 06, Jul 2016


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

Welcome to another exciting issue for The TRIZ Journal. As part of our vision to uncover new ways to engage new and existing TRIZ users, we will be developing a suite of digital TRIZ tools, with the first being unveiled in this issue! We are excited to launch an interactive Contradiction Matrix Beta. This tool allows multiple parameters to be compared and analyzed quickly and easily to uncover common principles and patterns. As we continue to develop these new additions, we urge you to contact us and we gratefully accept your feedback and ideas.

The TRIZ Expert listing service continues to grow! I am personally very excited every time someone new registers. If you are a TRIZ Expert, I urge you to take advantage and create a free profile here.

This month brings very special pieces and we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing authors and contributors to TRIZ. If at any time you would like to submit an article or have thoughts on how to improve the journal, website or monthly issues, please reach out to me at I look forward to connecting with each of you personally via email or LinkedIn.

Derek Bennington
Managing Director




Digital TRIZ Tools: The Contradiction Matrix Beta

Within any system, contradictions arise and to evolve towards ideality, these contradictions must be overcome. The Contradiction Matrix helps principles with problem solving. Use the interactive matrix to help analyze multiple parameters at once, or browse the parameters and principles. 


Applying TRIZ Across Companies

By Oliver Mayer, Tiziana Bertoncelli, Martha Gardner, Robert Adunka
TRIZ is a tool that needs to be trained and continually used in order to make most use of it. If working conditions do not allow this, one has to search for other ways to realize this. This paper shows how a solution was found to work the conventional way industrial processes are operated and at the same time keeps up using TRIZ continuously and in surplus to widen one’s technological knowledge. Read more


The Numerical Estimation of Invention Job

By Alexandr Bushuevl
In this paper the two numerical estimations of invention job are offered. The first estimation is based on simple mathematical probabilistic model of the technical con-tradiction in the problem solved on ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving). The second estimation is coefficient of efficiency of X-Component which resolves the technical contradiction. Read more


The 40 Inventive Principles for Lean-Production and Lean-Operations

By Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian M. Thurnes
The target groups for this paper are creative people and problem solvers, who usually work with the 40 Inventive Principles and who have to develop solutions that fit with the principles of Lean Production and Lean Management. Read more