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Technical Contradictions for Business

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1545
Posted by: Rachel Foo
Posted on: Wednesday, 21st January 2009


I would like to know if there is any Technical Contradictions for Business/Sales version just like the 40 Inventive Principles for Sales?

Appreciate if anyone can share the materials with me if any?


Message: 1581
Posted by: Jack Hipple
Posted on: Tuesday, 10th March 2009

Yes, there is. Contact Darrell Mann at Systematic Innovation in England. He has published a 31X31 technical contradiction matrix for business. Two comments–not sure of the research behind it (have never seen). Not sure if it was as thorough as the original contradiction table (which he has also updated very well). Secondly, the terminology is a little strange for use in the US, but this may not be a problem for you.

I have written a year long series of articles for the Altshuller Institute in the US ( on the application of TRIZ principles to business and organizations. You will need to join the Altshuller Institute as a member to get access to it. I believe the dues are around $100 US.