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TRIZ University Takes Off

18/08/2020 | 2


As increasing numbers of people worldwide are living under lockdown, one of the world’s leading academics in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation has launched an online training course for businesses and individuals across the globe. You can find it at … Read More

Think You Have What It Takes to be a Chief Innovation Officer?

26/02/2007 |

Michael Cyger

Companies like Humana, Coca-Cola, AMD, Citigroup and Cargill are all establishing the position of Chief Innovation Officer (CIO - unfortunately, confusingly similar to Chief Information Officer). It appears that companies are recognizing that the development of new ideas, new products, … Read More

TRIZ takes the Biscuit

05/09/2005 |

By: Karen Gadd Oxford Creativity karen.gadd@

TRIZ was created by engineers for engineers, to help them problem-solve. One cry from those learning TRIZ is – please tell us about successfully solved problems, for processes as well as products. … Read More