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standards Archives - The Triz Journal

Not So Funny – Double Standards

06/11/2019 |

Darrell Mann

We live in a strange world. Usually, these days, a world in which we’re all forced into personalized filter bubbles that makes us less and less able to empathise with people holding views different to our own. Irony … Read More

Substance-field Models for Fourth Class Standards

02/02/2009 |

The problem solving standards are a powerful tool in TRIZ for individuals who understand each standard. It is difficult, however, for new people to grasp the concept because each standard is a sentence with no corresponding graphics.Read More

Thoughts on Substance-Field Models and 76 Standards – Do we need all of the Standards?

20/03/2003 |

By: Pentti Soderlin

The basic concepts in TRIZ are the Contradictions, 40 Principles, the Matrix, and the Laws of Evolution, the Substance-Field Analysis Modelling, Ideal Final Solution, Substance Field Resources, Scientific Effects and the Job Plan ARIZ. Further the … Read More

Measurement and Detection Standards from the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

04/09/2002 |

This paper was first published in the proceedings of the Annual American Physical Society March Meeting, March 2002. Dr. Slocum served as the Chair of the Instrumentation and Measurements Session.

Measurement and Detection Standards from the Theory of … Read More