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special Archives - The Triz Journal

Special issue of the magazine Creativity and Innovation Management

20/04/2005 |

Guest Editor: Martin Möhrle


What is TRIZ? From Conceptual Basics to a Framework for Research MARTIN G. MOEHRLE

New and Emerging Contradiction Elimination Tools DARRELL MANN

The Integration of TRIZ with Other Ideation Tools and Processes … Read More

IFIP TC-5 – Special Interest Group Computer Aided Inventing

26/09/2004 |

The Topical Session 6, Computer Aided Inventing, took place on Tuesday 24 August, as part of the 18th IFIP World Computer Congress 2004, in Toulouse, France. Organizer was Noel León-Rovira, ITESM Cam pus Monterrey, Mexico.

Computer Aided Innovation software has … Read More

March 1997 Special Issue TRIZ in Universities

11/03/1997 |

Two special articles describe the curricula at Florida Atlantic University and at Wayne State University. We also know that TRIZ is included in courses in engineering departments in the US at the University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, and the … Read More