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Search Party is Over for Google? TRIZ Analysis

27/09/2010 |

Prakasan Kappoth

I posted a commentary on search engine and IFR of a search engine here a while back; as search engine has found a place in my TRIZ examples, I thought of giving a shot to this news article (Google: … Read More

Use and Search Engine Forecast

03/11/2008 |

The major processing tools for Internet information are search engines (SE). As a direction of SE development, it is suggested to add the universal scheme of evolution (USE) approach to SE technology.Read More

In Search of the Ideal TRIZ Teaching Method

04/08/2008 |

TRIZ practitioners continue debating how best to teach it. Recognizing everyone is different, learns differently and possesses a different knowledge base the article explores different thinking/teaching modes.Read More

Physico-mathematical Search of Resources

07/01/2008 |

A search of physical properties of an X-element is the important problem in ARIZ. This article represents an attempt to transition from mathematics to physics. Decoding Bartini’s method is one such way.Read More

The Search Substance – Field

18/06/2006 |

Sankt-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Department of Control Systems and Informatics Sankt-Petersburg, Russia E-mail:

Introduction This is a third paper from series of work [1,2] on mathematical invention problem models. The Author has got several … Read More

New TRIZ-Based Tool — Function-Oriented Search (FOS)

13/08/2005 |

By: Simon S. Litvin

Abstract One of the major obstacles for a worldwide TRIZ implementation is a contradiction within TRIZ itself. On the one hand, based on Altshuller’s five levels of Invention Classification, the best solutions belong to Levels 4–5, … Read More

Computer Semantic Search of Inventive Solutions

10/03/2001 |

Igor Boyko Ph.D HPLab, Palo Alto, CA


The article covers problems of the Knowledge Base development and search automation of the inventive solutions by intellectual computer systems.

The … Read More

Managing Innovation Knowledge – The Ideation Approach to the Search, Development, and Utilization of Innovation Knowledge

16/04/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman February, 1999 Southfield, Michigan USA

© 1998 Ideation International Inc.


The oft-quoted expression “TRIZ is based on technology rather than psychology” is a direct translation from the Russian. This declaration was made by … Read More

Application of TRIZ for the search of new materials features

10/02/1999 |

Re-printed from the TPD Symposium.

Semyon D. Savransky, Ph.D. The TRIZ Experts, USA E-mail:

1. Introduction

The polyscreen approach proposed by Genrich Saulovich Altshuller is used … Read More