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safety Archives - The Triz Journal

Safety & Safetyism

16/06/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Last month I felt inspired to write something (Reference 1) in defence of the ‘Nanny-State’ accusations increasingly being thrown at, usually, individuals who appeared to be offering up advice over-protecting others. For example, people like celebrity chef, Jamie … Read More

Super Stream Approach to TRIZ Planning, Aviation Safety

02/11/2009 |

The super stream augmented approach (SSA) is proposed as a planning and structuring layer to enhance the application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) tools for sustained innovation.Read More

To invent is to foresee: How to improve car safety

06/11/2004 |

By: Gennady Kizevich

1. The ideal prognosis Prognosticators are serious people. They avoid long-term forecasting and fantastical dreams. Their predictions are based on real facts and stable tendencies. If there are no pioneer inventions and no new ideas that … Read More

Improvements in Motorcycle Safety (1) – Spoiler for Crash Barriers

01/11/2004 |

By: Dirk Vervacke Waarschoot, BELGIUM E-mail:

Introduction I have used TRIZ and SIM [1] to come up with new products and developments which can significantly reduce the number of accidents and casualties amongst motorcyclists. The first of these developments … Read More

Solving Contradictions Problems Related To Safety Integration In Design Process

18/01/2004 |

Abstract: Taking into account of safety on both design and exploitation levels highlights management contradictions comprising technical, economic or human aspects. For example the choice of powerful but expensive technical solution on design level, could has an immediate benefit and/or … Read More

Case Studies In TRIZ: Child Safety Stairgate

14/10/1999 |

The ‘Child Safety Stairgate’ by Ann and John Hirst won the national Dyson Product Innovation Award in the UK in February 1999.

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow, Department Of Mechanical Engineering University Of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK Phone: … Read More