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Day at the Museum – A resource for teaching and learning TRIZ

08/02/2017 |

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TRIZ Podcasts: The Resource Story

30/06/2011 |

Our friends at TRIZIndia have started a podcast series that will be both a tutorial on TRIZ methods and a discussion of how to teach an apply those methods in real situations in real companies. It is free and easy … Read More

Information: A Key Resource

25/01/2010 |

Jack Hipple

Many of you may have seen Google’s earnings report announced on Friday, January 22. In the 4th quarter of 2009, their sales (just one quarter!) were $6.7 BILLION and profits of $2 BILLION. This was 5 times the profit … Read More

Validating a New TRIZ Resource

01/01/2010 |

We have been working with companies to bring about service innovations and have developed a resource based on the 40 TRIZ principles. We have called the new resource Service TRIZ and it can be founRead More

A Case Study of Substance Field Analysis and Resource Analysis; Development of New Mosquito Traps

10/04/2005 |

Kyeong-Won, Lee CTO on TRIZ Consulting at KID (Korea Item Development) Inc. & Associate Professor at Dept. Mechanical Design, Korea Polytechnic University

Abstract New mosquito traps were developed by substance-field analysis and resource analysis. At the concept development the useful … Read More

The Functional – Resource Approach To The Forecasting Of Technical Systems Evolution – A Fragment From The Book “Evolution of technologies”, Chapter « Graphic and numerical methods based approach to forecasting tasks solving »

23/10/2003 |

Yury Danilovsky (e-mail:, Voluslav .Mitrofanov (e-mail: Denis Shevchenko (e-mail: Laboratory of innovative research «SHOW SIN» ( The International University of Scientific and Technological Creativity (Saint Petersburg – Boston) 193036 Saint Petersburg, 3-n Soviet street,. 7, premise … Read More