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A Macro Process Model for Product Innovation Using TRIZ

18/09/2005 |

By: Tan Runhua ( (Design Institute for Innovation, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, 300130, China)

Abstract: The process of product innovation consists of three stages, which are fuzzy front end (FFE), new product development (NPD) and commercialization (COM). Theory of … Read More

The TRIZ Give Way to the Wind, and Give the Wind Away: A Repeatable Process for Improving Sustainable Wind Energy Generation

15/06/2005 |

Authors Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master, Chief Methodology Specialist, Invention Machine Stephen Brown, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Invention Machine Corp.

Abstract Given the fast growing population and the ever increasing consumption of resources it is imperative that breakthrough innovations make alternative … Read More

Software Process Improvement -TRIZ and Six Sigma (40 Principles Usage for level 2 inventions)

19/04/2005 |

Garikapati Pavan Kumar Email:

ABSTRACT This paper proposes an innovative application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Six Sigma for software process improvement. Use of contradiction matrix and 40 principles readily help in developing the solutions for … Read More

Process Modeling, Simulation, and TRIZ: An Innovative and Symbiotic Solution

01/05/2004 |

ABSTRACT The application of TRIZ necessitates the analysis and understanding of a process [1] [2]. In this spectrum of understanding, the process is either: 1. not very well understood at all (unfortunately, all to often); or 2. understood but not … Read More

Limiting Contradictions In A Photographic Paper Manufacturing Process

16/04/2004 |

Introductions Engineering systems, and particularly their associated production manufacture operations, are subject to limits in their fundamental capability. Understanding how and why these limits occur is an essential precursor to overcoming them. This article builds on previous work examining the … Read More

Constraint-dominated Breakthrough Innovation in a Manufacturing Process Situation (a Case Study from the Photographic Paper Manufacture Industry)

15/02/2004 |

By: Ian Mitchell, Darrell Mann

Abstract All systems hit limits. All attempts to try and improve a system that has hit its fundamental limit are destined to fail. In such situations, additional improvement can only be achieved by making changes … Read More

Innovative Process Chain Optimization – Utilizing the Tools of TRIZ and Toc for Manufacturing

13/02/2004 |

By: Tilo Pfeifer, Martin Tillmann

Abstract The enormous potential of process innovation and optimization is often undervalued. In order to stay competitive organizations are forced to adapt quality of products and production to permanently growing requirements. Modern manufacturing processes need … Read More

Integrating TRIZ and Other Methodologies in Product/process Re-engineering

11/02/2004 |

By: Pierluigi Petrali

Abstract A structured workflow for an integrated product/process optimization is presented. This workflow is intended mainly for cost-reducing objectives and is based on an integrated usage of different methodologies along with TRIZ.

Introduction It’s well known that … Read More

Innovation Process As A Key To The Market Success In The Engine Manufacturing Business

03/01/2004 |

ABSTRACT In the coming years, the aircraft industry is faced not only with a rising traffic volume together with an adjustment to large market fluctuations, but also to an increasing demand for environmental protection and more aggressive cost pressure. In … Read More

I-TRIZ for Six Sigma Business Process Management

21/12/2003 |

By: Elena A. Averboukh

Dr. Elena Averboukh is an industry-funded professor at the University of Kassel (Germany) in Quality and Safety Control Systems and works internationally as a Master Instructor and Master Black Belt for manufacturing, transactional, design and … Read More

Functional thinking in production process environment

10/06/2003 |

By: Ives De Saeger P41 Industrial Services Varendrieskouter 133, 9031 Drongen Belgium

1 Topics to cover

1.1 abstract Using only functional thinking, one of the tools within TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) the workplace can be redesigned … Read More

A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process

06/11/2002 |

By: Dr. Noel León-Rovira

A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process

Dr. Noel León-Rovira Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Móxico. email:


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TRIZ in the process industry

25/02/2002 |

TRIZ in the process industry

Gert Poppe and Bart Gras Innovation Quotient P.O.Box 170 5550 AD Valkenswaard The Netherlands

This article was first published in shorter form in the proceedings … Read More

TRIZ-based Innovation Principles and a Process for Problem Solving in Business and Management

16/12/2001 |

TRIZ-based Innovation Principles and a Process for Problem Solving in Business and Management

This paper was first published in the proceedings of the European TRIZ Association, November 2001

Bruno Ruchti DIWINGS AG, Management Consultants CH-4603 Olten 3, Switzerland … Read More

Relation of the invention process to TRIZ (Example: High efficiency DC-DC converter for liquid crystal watches)

10/01/2001 |

MITSUO MORIHISA, Systems Planning, Design Systems Development Center, Production Technology Dev. Group, SHARP CORPORATION

Partially presented at Invention Machine Corporation 1999 User Group Conference Oct. 17-19, 1999, Boston, MA, USA

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A Comparison of the Global-8D-Process and TRIZ

15/07/2000 |

Ina Bauer-Kurz College of Textiles, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA Fax: +1 (919) 515-3733; E-mail:

KEYWORDS: TRIZ, Global-8D, problem solving, innovation


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The Collaborative Innovation (CI) Process

03/06/2000 |

First presented at the Altshuller Institute TRIZCON2000, May 1, 2000

By Dr. Larry Zeidner and Dr. Ralph Wood

Executive Summary:

The Collaborative Innovation (CI) process has been developed at United Technologies Research Center … Read More

Situation analysis – a must first step in a problem solving process

25/04/2000 |

Mark G. Barkan Principal, Concept Catalysts, Inc.

The thoughts in this paper are the result of many years of attempts at solving various problems, technical and “soft”. These thoughts have been discussed with my fellow … Read More

Using TRIZ as a Creative Process for Breaking Mindpatterns

17/07/1999 |

Firstpresented at the 11th Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, Novi, MI, USA,June, 1999

byToreH. Wiik MScSINTEFDesign and Product DevelopmentOslo,


Thepaper discusses Triz as a tool that will support and enhance the … Read More

Use of TRIZ in the Development Process – Zero-Defect-Development for Customer Centered Innovative Products

20/06/1999 |

Veit KohnhauserTechnical University of ViennaDepartment of Applied

In today’s business world, successful companies must standtheir ground in an extremely competitive environment and must constantly adapttheir products to new market demands. At the same time the … Read More