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Effective Approaches to Solving Technical Problems by Combining TRIZ with VE

27/07/2000 |

By: Manabu Sawaguchi

Abstract In this paper, I propose the practical and effective approach to create the highly innovative solutions by applying the concept of contradiction solution of TRIZ to the functional approach of VE. To be more concrete, firstly … Read More

Solving the Problems of Particle Filled Fibers TRIZ Methodology

19/10/1999 |

Stan Batchelor North Carolina State University May 3,1999 TE 589A

Dr. Tim Clapp Professor, NCSU Dr. Michael Slocum Adjunct Assistant Professor, NCSU


Presented are the TRIZ methodologies and results … Read More

Solving Problems With Method of the Ideal Result

14/07/1999 |

First published in the Proceedings of the 11th Quality Function Deployment Symposium,Novi, MI, USA, June, 1999

IouriBelskiDepartmentof Communication and Electronic Engineering,Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia.Fax: +61 3 9662 1060; E-mail:

Book Review: Solving Problems with TRIZ: An Exercise Handbook

03/03/1999 |

Review by Ellen Domb,

Solving Problems with TRIZ: An Exercise Handbook by Vladis Kosse, Ph.D., is published by Ideation International Inc., and can be ordered through the Products and Services section of The TRIZ Journal ($50, paperback.) This book is … Read More

The Research (Diagnostic) Problems’ Classification.

03/04/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

There is a specific type of engineering problem which is connected with discovering (exposing, finding out) causes (reasons) of different phenomena, which take place in technological systems. Simply speaking we have to answer to the question: … Read More