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Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem Solving

01/12/2006 |

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem SolvingRead More

1 PAGE-CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING FOR SIX SIGMA: How to Use the Template of Six Sigma-Brainstorming Pool for Facilitating and Enhancing Six Sigma Projects

14/10/2006 |

By Dr. Rod King (

1. Trends in the Evolution of Six Sigma Six Sigma is undoubtedly the most popular methodology for systematic problem solving in business. The Six Sigma methodology was developed at Motorola in the 1980s. Six Sigma … Read More

Why Reinvent The Wheel? The Efficacy Of Systematic Problem Solving Method TRIZ And Its Value For Innovation In Engineering And Its Implications For Engineering Management

12/08/2006 |

By: Dr. Paul R. Filmore, Dr. Pete Thomond Dr. Paul R. Filmore Senior Lecturer School of Computing, Communications & Electronics University of Plymouth UK

And Dr. Pete Thomond Innovation Consultant The Insight Centre Ltd UK

ABSTRACT The engineering … Read More

Three-Dimensional Thinking and Job Problem

05/07/2006 |

Three-Dimensional Thinking and Job Problem Andrei Kossoroukov

Some time ago I was listening to a presentation of different challenges in problem solving processes. The presentation was delivered by Mike Hilton, President of Sunaptic Solutions. One of the challenges was … Read More

A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving: Six-Box Scheme in USIT without Depending on Analogical Thinking

15/05/2006 |

Toru Nakagawa Osaka Gakuin University, Japan

First Presented at The 27th Annual Conference of the Japan Creativity Society held on October 29-30, 2005 at National Center of Sciences, Tokyo (in Japanese); Posted in the TRIZ Home Page in Japan on … Read More

How Solution Finds a Problem to Solve (Case Study)

07/05/2006 |

Dallas, Texas, USA How Solution Finds a Problem to Solve (Case Study) After graduating from university, I was concentrated on my PhD research, which was connected with practical applications of nuclear methods for technological control in construction, one of … Read More

TRIZ at Bradford University – Solving a Organisational Problem using TRIZ

05/04/2006 |

Karen Gadd

It is not good starting the New Year with a sense of foreboding and I was dreading my first two TRIZ courses in 2006. These were at the engineering departments of Bradford University and Sheffield Hallam and … Read More

Applying the Law of Idealization to a Circuit Design Problem

26/02/2006 |

By: Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, Weibing Ang

Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, Weibing Ang,

There are eight laws of technological system evolution in TRIZ system, which are the constitutions of TRIZ world: 1) Law of Completeness: Any engineering … Read More

Centrality of ‘Steering Language’ to problem solving Trends of evolution case study: The development of heat induction system

18/02/2006 |

By: Ahmad A. Abdalla, Sulieman M. Zobly

Ahmad A. Abdalla South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences Luebecker Ring 2 59494 Soest, Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2921 378414 Fax: +49 (0) 2921 378404 Email:

Sulieman M. Zobly Institute … Read More

The Logistic Innovation Approach and The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

13/01/2006 |

By: Odair Farias

ABSTRACT This paper proposes some strategic ways to logistic innovation through the Russian methodology – “Rechénia Izobretatelskih Zadátchi Theory – Triz” (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Assets related to logistic evolution and its definitions, as the … Read More

Su-Field: An Educational Example of Inventive Problem Solving in Electrical Engineering

13/01/2006 |

By: Antonio Cesar Lettieri, Takashi Yoneyama

Su-Field: An Educational Example of Inventive Problem Solving in Electrical Engineering Antonio Cesar Lettieri Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica – EMBRAER S. A. – Brazil. Takashi Yoneyama Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA … Read More

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Applied To Business Process Management Projects (BPM-TRIZ)

04/01/2006 |

By: Marcelo Fabricio Prim, Luis Gonzaga Trabasso

Marcelo Fabricio Prim EMBRAER / ITA – Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2.170, São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil

Luis Gonzaga Trabasso ITA – Pça Mal. Eduardo Gomes, 50, São José dos … Read More

Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms–Step G. What Causes the Problem?

02/01/2006 |

By: Larry Ball

Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms is a how-to TRIZ book. It is designed to assist both beginning and advanced users. Each month, the TRIZ-Journal will publish another chapter of the book. Next month’s installation will cover the seventh process … Read More

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies Newsletter, TRIZ — the next Evolution in Problem Solving, JULY 2005

28/08/2005 |

The Altshuller Institute is a busy place this summer. We have several projects that will keep us occupied. Victor Fey will be continuing to develop the AI Certification program. Hopefully, we will have a formal draft for review by the … Read More

Space of Problem

25/05/2005 |

by Gennady Kizevich

Let’s split the world into two half-parts: the material world and the ideal world by using an old trick of philosophers and theologians. The image of the problem gets in the ideal world. Object of the … Read More

Overall Dataflow Structure for Creative Problem Solving in TRIZ/USIT

17/05/2005 |

Toru NAKAGAWA (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan)

ABSTRACT It has been a common understanding in TRIZ and many other scientific/technological problem solving procedures that instead of trying to go directly from one’s specific problem toward specific solution(s) one should better go … Read More

40 principles as a problem finder

15/03/2005 |

Ik-Cheol Kim(Ivan Kim) General Consultant; TecInfo, Inc. Seoul, Rep. of Korea

1. Introduction For a problem solving, TRIZ is the very useful tool. It began from 1946 by G.S. Altshuller in Russia. In early stage, it used for technical … Read More

The Integration and Strategic Use of TRIZ with the basic CPS (Creative Problem Solving) Process

12/03/2005 |

Jack Hipple Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL USA 813-994-9999

When the TRIZ Inventive Problem Solving process and its tool kit are introduced into an organization, they invariably encounter a host of processes and tools already in place. While it has been … Read More

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ – Studies Newsletter TRIZ — the next Evolution in Problem Solving

20/02/2005 |

Dear Ellen, Happy New Year !!! With the beginning of a new year, we are also using a new and upgraded format for our ENewsletter. I hope that you like the new format. The Institute expects that 2005 will be … Read More


22/12/2004 |

By: Alexandr Bushuev

Alexandr Bushuev Sankt-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Department of Control Systems and Informatics

Sankt-Petersburg , Russia Summary. On base cusp catastrophe is offered control problem of technical contradictions on algorithm of inventve problem … Read More