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Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem Solving

01/12/2006 |

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem SolvingRead More

A Comparison of Tools Based on the 40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ

01/11/2006 |

Victor E Ross Institute for Technological Innovation Faculty of EBIT University of Pretoria Hatfield 0002 South Africa

Abstract A comparison was made of four tools that are based on the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ, viz (1) the classic … Read More

The Use Of Triz Principles In Consumer Product Design

20/06/2006 |

Jack Hipple Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL 813-994-9999

The principles of TRIZ have been used extensively in manufacturing equipment and process troubleshooting and are beginning to find application in business, management, intellectual property, and strategic planning. There is a third … Read More

Another vision of the 40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Chemical Engineering

12/12/2005 |

By: Guillermo Cortes Robles, Stéphane Negny, Jean Marc Le Lann INPT-ENSIACET, LGC, UMR-CNRS 5503, Génie Industriel 118, Route de Narbonne 31077 – Toulouse Cedex 04, FRANCE Mail :,,

Since the first article of (Domb, 1997), with … Read More

Similarity between TRIZ Principles

11/09/2005 |

By: He Cong, Loh Han Tong

Developed during the initial patent research by Altshuller and his colleagues, the 40 Inventive Principles (IP) are one of the most important tools of TRIZ. As a basic tool of TRIZ, the IP … Read More

Application of 40 Inventive Principles in Construction

10/05/2005 |

Abram Teplitskiy, Ph.D., Scientific Consultant Roustem Kourmaev, President Advanced Technologies International, Inc., Richardson, TX Considering construction as many-sided intersection between different brunches of science and technology, we presenting here examples of Inventive principles application in construction. Examples were … Read More

Software Process Improvement -TRIZ and Six Sigma (40 Principles Usage for level 2 inventions)

19/04/2005 |

Garikapati Pavan Kumar Email:

ABSTRACT This paper proposes an innovative application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Six Sigma for software process improvement. Use of contradiction matrix and 40 principles readily help in developing the solutions for … Read More

Working with Innovative Principles of Science, Engineering, Business and Everyday Life: Expanding on Altshuller’s 40 Principles

07/04/2005 |

By Dana W. Clarke, Certified TRIZ Specialist © 2005 Applied Innovation Alliance, LLC

Genrich Altshuller developed one of the primary sources of innovative principles between 1946 and 1973. Genrich’s 40 principles were developed as a result of his research … Read More

40 Inventive Principles in Marketing, Sales and Advertising

03/04/2005 |

Editor’s note: Gennady Retseptor is the author of very popular articles on examples of the 40 principles in microelectronics and quality management. This article starts to collect examples from sales, marketing, advertising and negotiation—the editors have added a few more … Read More

Book Review: Principles of Survival (A Theory of Everyday Creativity) By: Gennady Kizevich

25/03/2005 |

by Gennady Kizevich Reviewed by Michael S. Slocum, Ph.D., M.B.B., T.Sc. Details: 352 pages, paperback edition available from for $17 US (a bargain). This book was published by Washington House in March of 2004.

Editor’s note: So that our … Read More

40 principles as a problem finder

15/03/2005 |

Ik-Cheol Kim(Ivan Kim) General Consultant; TecInfo, Inc. Seoul, Rep. of Korea

1. Introduction For a problem solving, TRIZ is the very useful tool. It began from 1946 by G.S. Altshuller in Russia. In early stage, it used for technical … Read More

TRIZ for Software – Using the Inventive Principles

25/01/2005 |

By: Kevin C. Rea OR

1 Introduction When I first learned TRIZ, I believed that using TRIZ for the software domain was possible. I saw areas within Lucent Technologies whereby TRIZ could make major improvements, and using the … Read More

The 40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ Applied to Finance

20/10/2004 |

By: Stephen Dourson Send e-mail to

INTRODUCTION As I studied the TRIZ Inventive Principles and the Contradiction Matrix, I thought about how the 40 Inventive Principles could be applied to finance. I identified one application, then another. Then, I … Read More

40 Inventive Principles and Biological Models

20/09/2004 |

By: Ali Reza Mansoorian, Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini

Ali Reza Mansoorian Email Department of Creativity and Innovation , Faculty of ICT, Malek Ashtar University

Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini Email Research Center for Creatology , Innovation & TRIZ

The Father of … Read More

Some Principles Are More Common Than Others – 40 Management Principles In Frequency Order

02/08/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann

CREAX Phone: +44 7980 864028

Introduction Preceding the official launch of the business and management version of the Hands -On Systematic Innovation book (Reference 1), this article examines some of the research conducted for the book … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Examples for Chemical Engineering

22/06/2004 |

Principle 1. Segmentation A. Divide an object into independent parts. o The concept and use of independent unit operations in chemical engineering o The use of different components of a unit operation to allow variable processing as a function of … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Education

12/04/2004 |

Introduction Recent TRIZ research has resulted in extending TRIZ applications into non-technical areas. The Contradiction Matrix and corresponding 40 Principles have found applications in several areas, for example business (Mann & Domb, 1999) and (Mann, 1999), service operations management (Zhang, … Read More

Applying the TRIZ Principles of Technological Evolution to Customer Requirement Based Vehicle Concepts – Experience Report –

14/03/2004 |

Dr. Eckhard Schueler-Hainsch and Dr. Christine Ahrend DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group Berlin, Germany

Introduction One of the major tasks of the DaimlerChrysler „Society and Technology Research Group – STRG“ is observing the development of the … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Service Operations Management

13/12/2003 |

Jun Zhang, Kah-Hin Chai, Kay-Chuan Tan Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, 119260, Singapore Email:

1. INTRODUCTION In the recent development of TRIZ research, much effort has been put in extending … Read More

A New Method For Creating The Non-Technologic Principles Of TRIZ

05/10/2003 |

Dr Mohammad.H Saliminamin Professor of Industrial Engineering at Faculty of Industrial Engineering , Amirkabir Polytechnic University,Tehran,Iran And President of Iran Insitute of Innovation and Technology Navid Nezafati PhD student of Industrial Engineering at Faculty of Industrial Engineering , Amirkabir … Read More