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principle Archives - The Triz Journal

Principle 3 Deep Dive

15/03/2018 | 2

Darrell Mann

A couple of months ago we did an analysis on the case studies we’ve been involved with during the past few years. Projects that have either been our own, or ones where a client has asked us to … Read More

First Principle Incentives In Academia

12/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Back in August, we introduced a case study on ‘Perverse Incentives in Academia’ (Issue 185). The point of that article was to try and help those caught in the problem to escape from the usual either/or pendulum-swing solutions … Read More

Student Corner: the Principle of Nesting

02/07/2007 |

When Russian nesting dolls became popular, they attracted the attention of inventors and engineers. As a result, all over the world patents based on the "nesting" principle were created.Read More

TRIZ and Software – 40 Principle Analogies, a sequel

12/01/2006 |

By: Rob van den Tillaart

Introduction Some years ago there were two publications by Kevin C. Rea about the use of TRIZ in Computer Science and Information Technology called “TRIZ and Software – 40 Principle Analogies, Part I and II”. … Read More