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paradigm Archives - The Triz Journal

Multi-Parameter Contradiction Problem Solving Paradigm

26/04/2018 |

Rajeev Mohan Bhatnagar


A Novel Multi-Parameter Contradiction Problem Solving Paradigm Using Least Common Multiple Algorithm (LCM) for TRIZ Contradiction Matrix

A novel least common multiple algorithm for resolving technical contradictions using TRIZ matrix is presented for resolving the multi-parameter … Read More

Usit in Japan: a Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving

03/11/2008 |

USIT, introduced to Japan in 1999, has been accepted as an easy, unified process for problem solving in industries and as the next generation of TRIZ. The solution generation methods of TRIZ have been reorganized into a system of USIT operators.Read More

A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving: Six-box Scheme in Usit

01/01/2007 |

The ‘Four-Box Scheme’ of problem solving has long been regarded as a standard in TRIZ. A new ‘Six-Box Scheme’ is proposed and compared to the old.Read More

Changing the Paradigm in Business English Learning Using TRIZ

17/11/2006 |

By: Manoj Jaiswal and Padma Tata Infosys Technologies Limited This paper was originally presented in ‘The Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan, September 2006’

Abstract Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: INFY) being a global organization has clients and offices across geographies. For … Read More

“Ideality-Serendipity Paradigm” or “Intuition-Logic framework”

26/09/2006 |

Richard W. Gee, P.E., President, GEE Consultants, Inc. Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President, Advanced Technologies International, Inc. Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Dallas, Texas

In two previous issues of TRIZ Journal (June-July 2006) there were published interesting articles, in which … Read More

A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving: Six-Box Scheme in USIT without Depending on Analogical Thinking

15/05/2006 |

Toru Nakagawa Osaka Gakuin University, Japan

First Presented at The 27th Annual Conference of the Japan Creativity Society held on October 29-30, 2005 at National Center of Sciences, Tokyo (in Japanese); Posted in the TRIZ Home Page in Japan on … Read More