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An Overview of the General Theory of Innovation

07/04/2008 |

The company that creates a greater value for its respective market will prosper. Repeating this difference, success will be associated with that initially leading organization. It seems so simple, but is it?Read More

ANALYSIS MANAGEMENT: TRIZ and Systematic Innovation – An Overview

18/03/2005 |

This article will also be published in the April 2005 issue of the Australian magazine, Manufacturers Monthly. Dr. Ahmed offered it to The TRIZ Journal to be used by people who need a short explanation of what TRIZ is, and … Read More

Book Review: “Unified Structured Inventive Thinking – an Overview”

20/09/2003 |

by Ellen Domb,

Unified Structured Inventive Thinking — an Overview by Ed Sickafus. 50 pages. Available free from in either PDF or doc format. © 2001. The purpose of a book review is usually to tell the reader … Read More

An Overview of Synoptics and the Six Challenges of Creativity

20/10/2002 |

An Overview of Synoptics and the Six Challenges of Creativity

Martin Hyatt, PhD

TRIZ and Synoptics

This paper introduces Synoptics, an approach to creativity, in the context of six challenges to … Read More

Overview of Metaphoric Models for Creativity

11/11/1999 |

Martin Hyatt Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA USA

Over the last few years I have done my doctoral research at Stanford in creativity. This is a short review of the research. The research adds new insight on the … Read More

Overview of Creative Methods

17/07/1999 |

Alla Zusman & Boris Zlotinazusman@ideationtriz.comIdeation InternationalSeptember, 1998Southfield, MI USA© 1999 Ideation International Inc.

Objectives of this report

  • Toresearch the availability of various methods dealing with creativity, innovation … Read More