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Prospecting new business models with TRIZ

04/04/2016 |

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Crowdsourced and crowdfunded business models viewed as complete (technical) systems

01/12/2015 |

Published previously in TRIZ Future 2013

Timothy Brewera, Ellen Dombb, Joe Millerc, Darrell Mannd

aTimothy Brewer Design, 1740 Raymond Hill Road, #3, South Pasadena, CA 91030, USA

bPQR Group, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland CA 91786 USA

cPQR Group, 190 … Read More

Proven Innovation Models and Processes

01/01/2010 |

When it comes to Innovation in business one relies on and goes for proven Innovation Models and Processes which obviously enable the comfort of sustainable development. Innovative potential in alreadyRead More

Substance-field Models for Fourth Class Standards

02/02/2009 |

The problem solving standards are a powerful tool in TRIZ for individuals who understand each standard. It is difficult, however, for new people to grasp the concept because each standard is a sentence with no corresponding graphics.Read More

EMS Models: Adaptation Of Engineering Design Black-Box Models For Use In TRIZ

16/04/2005 |

Madara Ogot Engineering Design Program, and Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802, USA

Abstract The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) has been widely recognized as a powerful systematic innovation technique … Read More

40 Inventive Principles and Biological Models

20/09/2004 |

By: Ali Reza Mansoorian, Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini

Ali Reza Mansoorian Email Department of Creativity and Innovation , Faculty of ICT, Malek Ashtar University

Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini Email Research Center for Creatology , Innovation & TRIZ

The Father of … Read More

TRIZ Solutions For Systems Dynamics Models Of A Small Community Downtown Revitalization Project

02/05/2004 |

ABSTRACT The analysis of complex systems with multiple simultaneously dynamic variables can be addressed with Causal Loop or System Dynamics models. These models can provide an initial assessment of the operation and functionality of the existing or proposed elements of … Read More

Using TRIZ to Create Innovative Business Models and Products

17/12/2003 |

Atsuko Ishida Hitachi,Ltd. Kawasaki, Japan

Abstract: Most companies have many subjects around their business, and wish fast and effective solutions with new information technology. In other words, companies and their clients want innovative and impressive business solutions, to overcome severe … Read More

Thoughts on Substance-Field Models and 76 Standards – Do we need all of the Standards?

20/03/2003 |

By: Pentti Soderlin

The basic concepts in TRIZ are the Contradictions, 40 Principles, the Matrix, and the Laws of Evolution, the Substance-Field Analysis Modelling, Ideal Final Solution, Substance Field Resources, Scientific Effects and the Job Plan ARIZ. Further the … Read More

Overview of Metaphoric Models for Creativity

11/11/1999 |

Martin Hyatt Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA USA

Over the last few years I have done my doctoral research at Stanford in creativity. This is a short review of the research. The research adds new insight on the … Read More