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02/11/2015 |

Originally published in TRIZfest2014

Andrei Kuryan1 and Valeri Souchkov2

1 EPAM Systems, Minsk office, Belarus

2ICG Training & Consulting, Enschede, 7511KH, The Netherlands



The paper presents a framework for expanding the Value Conflict Mapping approach originally developed for collecting … Read More

Is There Any Mapping of 39 Characteristics of TRIZ

01/01/2010 |

I am trying to map 39 characteristics of TRIZ matrix (NOT 40 principles) to a particular domain. One of the domain is medical.I am looking for any pointers/links to this kind of mappinRead More

Cluster Mapping

01/01/2010 |

i've seen a mention or two of cluster mappin g in the news lately. can someone explan why it should be a part of a strategic innovation process?Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space Two: Individual Solutions Drives Infinite Disruptive Innovations

05/09/2004 |

By: Dr. John Cooney, Barry Winkless

Dr. John Cooney ( Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Altran Technologies Ireland

Abstract This paper expounds the need for a new paradigm for innovation at the problem space. It suggests that innovation needs to … Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space One: Novel Tools for Problem Definition in Product Innovation

16/07/2004 |

By: Barry Winkless, Dr. John Cooney

Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Dr. John Cooney ( Altran Technologies Ireland.

Abstract The following article introduces and describes two novel problem definition tools. The tools include the Concurrent Problem Definition Tool, and the … Read More

Maturity Mapping of DVD Technology

12/09/1999 |

BySanjana Vijayakumar

TE 589ANorth Carolina State University (NCSU)

Under the Direction of:

Dr. Michael S. SlocumAdjunct Assistant Professor, NCSUDr. Tim G. ClappProfessor, NCSU


Evolution in stages is a macrolevel technology aimed at the … Read More