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Case Study with TRIZ: Allocation System for a Processing Machine

22/09/2015 |

Previously Published in TRIZfest 2014

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Th. Nählera, Dipl.-Kulturwiss. Barbara Gronauerb

ac4pi – Center for Product-Innovation, Hünfeld, 36088, Germany

bStrategieInnovation, Hünfeld, 36088, Germany



This case study presents the new development of an allocation system by using TRIZ … Read More

Design of an Adaptive Liquid Vending Machine

07/07/2008 |

Students were given the task of designing and building a new vending machine that was adaptable. Students were given some training in TRIZ, and to a lesser extent axiomatic design, but were allowed to innovate and come up with their own solution.Read More

Students Corner #3 – Lever – The Simplest, Yet Very Helpful Machine!

17/03/2006 |

Dr. Abram Teplitskiy – Students Corner #3. LEVER – THE SIMPLEST, YET VERY HELPFUL MACHINE!

On our previous meeting in Student’s Corner we discussed very important question – how to generate electricity, using energy of Sun, Water, Wind, and different … Read More

Machine of Luck

16/04/2005 |

By Gennady Machines should work. People should think. IBM Pollyanna Principle When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, it will. Willoughby’s Law

Attempts to create the machine for instant moving through the space (or … Read More

Case Study in AD And TRIZ: A Paper Machine

19/03/2004 |

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The 4th Japan Invention Machine User Group Meeting

27/11/2003 |

By: Yoshihisa Konishi Yoshihisa Konishi, Mitsubishi Research Institute Taichi Ono, MRI Systems (Editor’s note: The PDF documents are in Japanese, but the summary below gives and English abstract. Readers who cannot read Japanese may find it helpful to … Read More

TRIZ And Machine Maintenance Case Study – Part 2 – Managing Constraints And Perceptions

26/10/2003 |

Darrell Mann Director CREAX nv, Ieper, Belgium

John Cooney Academic Researcher School of Business and Government National University of Ireland, Cork

Barry Winkless CREAX, Ireland

Abstract This article follows on from a first paper examining the application … Read More

Case Study – Applying the TRIZ Methodology to Machine Maintenance

22/08/2003 |

By: John Cooney, Darrell Mann

John Cooney Academic Researcher School of Business and Government National University of Ireland, Cork

Darrell Mann Director CREAX nv, Ieper, Belgium

Barry Winkless Creax, Ireland

1 Introduction For the majority of companies, … Read More

TRIZ and Inventing an Anti-Gravity Machine!

15/08/2001 |

Graham Rawlinson – Phone +44 (0) 1252 330121 NSA, 12 St Peters Park, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3AU, UK

Those who have read my other TRIZ articles, on “TRIZ and How to Stop Tornadoes”, and “TRIZ and decorating”, know … Read More

First Japan IM (Invention Machine) User Group Conference Report

18/02/2001 |

Invention Technologies Team Mitsubishi Research Institute Yoshihisa Konishi,

This is a brief report on the Japan Invention Machine User Group Conference, which was held for the first time in fall 2000. About 80 people, including staff from MRI and … Read More

Automatic Boarding Machine Design Employing Quality Function Deployment, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, and Solid Modeling

19/01/2000 |

(Excerpt from Masters Thesis) By BENJAMIN K. KUNST Graduate Student College of Textiles and Dr. TIMOTHY G. CLAPP, P.E. Professor College of Textiles North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 1999