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Welcome to the February 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

04/02/2008 |

Last month, a reader suggested that each issue of The TRIZ Journal include a round-up of mentions of TRIZ in other literature. The good news is that we already do this – on a daily basis!Read More

TRIZ in ASQ’s New Issue

29/01/2008 |

Katie Barry

The American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) magazine, Quality Progress, January issue’s cover story, ”Conflict and Complexity,” looks at the use of problem-solving techniques, including TRIZ, and how they could have been used to prevent the Challenger disaster.

You do have … Read More

Welcome to the January 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

07/01/2008 |

Happy New Year! It was one year ago that we re-designed The TRIZ Journal. Do not forget to check back frequently throughout the month for new commentaries, discussion forum posts, new events and job listings.Read More

Welcome to the November 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

05/11/2007 |

TRIZ in space! TRIZ under water! TRIZ in windows! TRIZ is everywhere this November! With a successful case study on the success of efficiency improvements to making sure that your business is adequately prepared for potential problems, TRIZ is there.Read More

Welcome to the October 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

01/10/2007 |

It’s that time again – a new issue of The TRIZ Journal! But as usual, the articles in this month’s issue are from a mix of authors covering classical TRIZ, a service taxonomy, logic, medicine and a look at systematic innovation outside of TRIZ.Read More

Welcome to the September 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

03/09/2007 |

As ever, this month’s articles represents an array of topics and TRIZ subjects to keep readers busy. From toothpaste to carbon, to drilling to voids, TRIZ proves useful in any environment.Read More

Welcome to the August 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

06/08/2007 |

August is yet another month full of TRIZ news and stories to share. As ever, we share articles that cover a variety of TRIZ topics, including a TRIZ game for children, a different way to look at su-field analysis and another paper presented at TRIZCON2007.Read More

Welcome to the July 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

02/07/2007 |

It’s hard to believe, but it has been six months since we re-launched The TRIZ Journal! We’re pleased to not only have expanded our list of contributing authors but to have welcomed back authors who helped make our first 10 years a remarkable success.Read More

Welcome to the June 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

04/06/2007 |

Editor Katie Barry wrote commentaries reporting on her four days at the Front End of Innovation conference in May. Editors Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum – along with other commentators – regularly share their thoughts and insights, too.Read More

Welcome to the May 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

07/05/2007 |

At April’s TRIZCON2007, sponsored by the Altshuller Institute, Ellen Domb presented the history of the TRIZ Journal (and the celebration of its 10th anniversary) showing how TRIZ was used to solve the challenges of starting an online journal.Read More

Welcome to the April 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

02/04/2007 |

This month two themes predominate: 1) formulating a problem so that it is easy to decide which tools to use to solve the problem and 2) using familiar tools in a wide variety of applications.Read More

Welcome to the March 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

05/03/2007 |

The saying in the Northern Hemisphere is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so it makes sense that The TRIZ Journal has a roaring assortment of TRIZ papers from five countries on three continents this month.Read More

Welcome to the February 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

05/02/2007 |

We’ve enjoyed a great first month with the new design of The TRIZ Journal! We are grateful that so many readers have responded to our request for feedback and encourage you to keep your comments and suggestions coming this month, too.Read More

Welcome to the January 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

01/01/2007 |

We are happy to celebrate the new year by launching the re-designed TRIZ Journal website. Readers will enjoy continued access to each month’s new issue as well as ten years of TRIZ-filled archives.Read More

Special issue of the magazine Creativity and Innovation Management

20/04/2005 |

Guest Editor: Martin Möhrle


What is TRIZ? From Conceptual Basics to a Framework for Research MARTIN G. MOEHRLE

New and Emerging Contradiction Elimination Tools DARRELL MANN

The Integration of TRIZ with Other Ideation Tools and Processes … Read More

ASIT Technique For A Week, Issue 136

06/10/2003 |

By: Roni Horowitz

ASITcamels.txt To: “Ellen Domb”, ellendomb From: “Roni Horowitz”, Date: 8/20/2003, 9:12 PM Re: ASIT technique for a week, Issue 136 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASIT Technique for a week, Issue 136 A weekly newsletter that brings you thought provoking … Read More

TRIZ Journal October 2000 Issue PDF

25/10/2000 |

1. Getting TRIZ Accepted in a Very Busy World By: Jack Hipple 2. On the History of Separation Principles By: Y. B. Karasik 3. Intuitive Design Method (IDM), A New Approach on Design Methods Integration By: Denis CAVALLUCCI, Philippe LUTZ … Read More

March 1997 Special Issue TRIZ in Universities

11/03/1997 |

Two special articles describe the curricula at Florida Atlantic University and at Wayne State University. We also know that TRIZ is included in courses in engineering departments in the US at the University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, and the … Read More