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Integrated Conceptual Design with TRIZ

01/09/2008 |

Try an integrated approach for inventive idea generation and multi-criteria decision-making. TRIZ is used for generating idea systematically for technical problems, while superiority and inferiority ranking is used for alternative selections.Read More

Case Studies in TRIZ: An Integrated Steering Shaft Lock for Motorcycles

14/03/2000 |

Yan-jie Mao* and Ching-huan Tseng** Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University, Hsinchu 30056, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: 886-3-5712121 ext. 55155 Fax: 886-3-5717243

* Graduate Student ** Professor


The steering shaft locks on most scooter … Read More

An Integrated Operational Knowledge Base (System of Operators) and the Innovation Workbench System Software

22/05/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla ZusmanSeptember 22, 1992Kishinev, Moldova

Translation and comments by Alla Zusman August, 1998© 1998 Ideation International Inc.May 1, 1999


Operator – a transformation as denoted by a TRIZ principle, method, standardsolution, … Read More