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Book Review: Effective Innovation: The Development of Winning Technologies

23/04/2004 |

ISBN 0-7918-0203-5 Hard cover, 247 pages, with index Cost: $69 ($55 for ASME members) or £56.00 Published simultaneously by ASME Press (US) and Professional Engineering Publishing (UK) We are borrowing The American Society for Training and Development book … Read More

Study of Effective New Product Development Activities through Combination of Patterns of Evolution of Technological Systems and VE

05/05/2001 |

First presented at TRIZCON2001, The Altshuller Institute, March, 2001.

THE SANNO INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Senior Researcher, Manabu Sawaguchi

1. Introduction

When a firm develops a new product, being … Read More

The effective use of TRIZ with Brainstorming

10/02/2001 |

Yoshiki Nakamura


TRIZ, being utilized for creating innovation scientifically, suggests us to think step by step excluding psychological approach. As a result, TRIZ is negative against Brainstorming (BS) that is … Read More

Effective Approaches to Solving Technical Problems by Combining TRIZ with VE

27/07/2000 |

By: Manabu Sawaguchi

Abstract In this paper, I propose the practical and effective approach to create the highly innovative solutions by applying the concept of contradiction solution of TRIZ to the functional approach of VE. To be more concrete, firstly … Read More