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edition Archives - The Triz Journal

Book Review: Breakthrough Inventing With TRIZ, Second Edition. By: Larry Ball

21/01/2004 |

Loose leaf notebook, 80 pages. Available from the Products and Services page of The TRIZ Journal as a free download for individual study, or in a printed version in full color for $24.95.

The purpose of most book reviews … Read More

Supplement to Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ 2nd Edition

20/01/2004 |

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve technical systems. It reads like a pictorial recipe book, starting on the upper left of each page and ending at the lower right. Viewing this book in electronic format … Read More

Software Review: “Invention Highway, Family Edition and Professional Edition”

25/02/2003 |

By: Catherine Lundberg

Software by: Comedia Ltd. The cost is $24 and is available at:

The Invention Highway software teaches ASIT—as you play the games, you learn 4 methods for finding innovative solutions to problems utilizing the resources … Read More