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EMS Models: Adaptation Of Engineering Design Black-Box Models For Use In TRIZ

16/04/2005 |

Madara Ogot Engineering Design Program, and Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802, USA

Abstract The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) has been widely recognized as a powerful systematic innovation technique … Read More

Creative design of the elliptical stepper with a pace-correction function

12/11/2004 |

By: Jen-Yu Liu1 and Meng-Hui Hsu

Abstract A prototype elliptical stepper has been made that possesses both the functions of bodybuilding and pace correction. This paper’s creative conception is to make the elliptical stepper available not only for indoor exercise … Read More

Creative Design of Three-speed Automatic Speed Changer

08/11/2004 |

By: Hsin-Sheng Lee and Long-Chang Hsieh * Hsin-Sheng Lee and Long-Chang Hsieh Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Huwei University of Science and Technology E-mail: (* Corresponding author) Yunlin, TAIWAN

Abstract The bicycle is constantly being updated in order … Read More

A Typical Example of Innovative Design Based on the TRIZ

08/07/2004 |

By: Feng Yuan, T.Y. Wang

Feng Yuan Tianjin University Tianjin 300072,China

T.Y. Wang Tianjin University Tianjin 300072,China

Abstract This article introduced a concept design of a machine used to bottle paint. Some technical contradictions occurred in the design, … Read More

Creative Design Of Wafer Transport Mechanism

02/07/2004 |

By: Long-Chang Hsieh and Hsin-Sheng Lee

Long-Chang Hsieh and Hsin-Sheng Lee, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Huwei University of Science and Technology Yunlin, TAIWAN

Abstract At present, the vacuum robot commonly used by semiconductor factories can be roughly … Read More

Applying TRIZ to Endodontic Tool Design

03/12/2003 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. PQR Group Upland, California USA

John “Jack” Jacklich, D.D.S. Special Products, Inc. Santa Cruz, California USA

Executive Summary Endodontics, commonly known to non-dentists as “root canals” is a complex system where the art and science of dentistry … Read More

Systematic Innovation In Service Design Through TRIZ

02/09/2003 |

By: Jun Zhang, Kay-Chuan Tan, Kah-Hin Chai

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, 119260, Singapore Email:

ABSTRACT This paper proposes an innovative service design approach by integra ting the Theory of … Read More

Utilizing Axiomatic Design to Render Objective Ideality Calculations

29/08/2003 |

Dr. Michael S. Slocum Vice President of Innovation and Design Breakthrough Management Group

The concept of the ideal final result (IFR) is an important foundational element in the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. As an abstraction, the IFR is … Read More

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS): A Roadmap for Product Development (Book review)

25/08/2003 |

By: Michael Slocum

The TRIZ Journal is pleased to announce the publication of Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Product Development. Drs. Kai Yang and Basem El-Haik have delivered a tremendous research effort that will support the successful … Read More

Develop New Kind Of Plough By Using TRIZ And Robust Design

16/06/2003 |

By: Zhao Xinjun School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Northeastern University, P.R.China

Abstract The main part of plough is the share, it digs into the soil, separates the surface soil from the bed soil and then moldboard turns it … Read More

Computer-Aided Design: Forecasted Evolution

05/05/2003 |

By: V. Abate (1), G. Cascini (2)

(1) Invention Machine Italy Direzione Tecnica e-mail:

(2)Università degli Studi di Firenze Facoltà di Ingegneria, Dip. di Meccanica e Tecnologie e-mail:

ABSTRACT In this paper CAD systems are analyzed from … Read More

TRIZ and Design

16/12/2002 |

Graham Rawlinson

If you have read articles on TRIZ by me before you will know that one thing I like to do is apply TRIZ to everyday life. I have reported in previous journals ideas relating to TRIZ … Read More

Converging in Problem Formulation : A Different Path in Design

10/12/2002 |

By: Denis Cavallucci and Philippe Lutz


Philippe LUTZ


Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg (LRPS) ENSAIS F-67084 STRASBOURG Cedex tél. : 03 88 14 47 00 Fax : 03 88 14 47 … Read More

Radical Innovation and Design Research

08/12/2002 |

By: Kari T. Eloranta, Asko Riitahuhta and Mikko Karvinen

1. Aims and objectives Global competition has forced companies to redesign themselves (Leifer et al., 2000). The goal of redesign has been to strengthen a company’s position as one of leading … Read More

A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process

06/11/2002 |

By: Dr. Noel León-Rovira

A Proposal to Integrate TRIZ Into the Product Design Process

Dr. Noel León-Rovira Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Móxico. email:


Read More

Design for Wow – An ‘Exciter’ Hypothesis

17/10/2002 |

Design for Wow

– An ‘Exciter’ Hypothesis

Darrell Mann Director, CREAX nv Ieper, Belgium Phone/Fax: +44 (1275) 342960 E-mail:

‘All models are wrong, but some are useful’ … Read More

A TRIZ-based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design

10/10/2002 |

A TRIZ-based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design

M. Totobesola-Barbier, C. Marouz’, F. Giroux CIRAD-AMIS-PAA1, Equipment and Process Design Laboratory 73, avenue J.-F. Breton 34398 Montpellier CEDEX 5, France Tel: 33 (0)4 67 61 65 97 Fax: … Read More

Integrating Innovation into Design for Six Sigma

02/02/2002 |

David Verduyn C2C Solutions Inc. 2899 E. Big Beaver #226 Troy, MI 48083 Phone: 248-879-8040 E-mail:


Value attracts customers, Quality earns respect, and Innovation differentiates your product from the competition, as well as, attracts the competitor’s clientele … Read More

A TRIZ Inventive Design Method without Contradiction Information

25/09/2001 |

Chih-Chen Liu, Ph.D. student Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung University Tainan, 701 TAIWAN Lecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering Far East College, Tainan, TAIWAN

Jahau Lewis Chen, professor Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung … Read More

A proposal to integrate TRIZ and CAD (Computer Aided TRIZ-based Design)

13/07/2001 |

First presented at TRIZCON2001, The Altshuller Institute, March 2001.

Dr. Noel León-Rovira Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada # 2501, Col. Tecnológico, CP 6409, Monterrey, NL, Mexico. (email:


Read More