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Algorithm for choosing technical contradiction

23/01/2018 |

Konstantin Chugunov

This article is Translated from Russian to English and both versions are published here.

1. Check whether there is no problem in most restrictions make it impossible to use one of the TA.

Note 1: Constraints … Read More

Contradiction in Non Technical System

01/01/2010 |

this is my first message to the froum and would like to say hello every body. And this is my question, how contradiction matrix would be used for a non technical system e.g. a management system.bestRead More


01/01/2010 |

Dear TRIZ-friends, Currently I?m writing my master-thesis about innovation management were I endeavour to show the possibility to use TRIZ in non technical issues. I would like to investRead More

Using a Contradiction Matrix

01/01/2010 |

I'm trying to learn TRIZ by myself, so bear with me here. I went through a cycle using the Contradiction Matrix to solve a problem, but I ended up with a whole bunch of new problems. Am I doing thRead More

The Contradiction of a Discussion Forum

01/01/2010 |

I like forums. They encourage participation and sharing. Often they provide great questions and answers which improve the utility of other communications.However, forums just get longer. People don&#3Read More

Economic Impact of Increased US Savings – Contradiction and Opportunities?

08/04/2009 |

Prakasan Kappoth

A recent article published by McKinsey (March ’09) quarterly shows this interesting (to me at least) study on the increasing US consumer savings in the last couple of quarters. Well, in a time when we see the bad news all … Read More

Using the Contradiction Matrix to Improve Airflow

05/11/2007 |

Windows are an integral part of our "home sweet home," workplace and any number of establishments that want to be open to keep an eye on the world. Windows solve a major physical contradiction: "I want to be in and want to be out."Read More

Effectively Using the Contradiction Matrix

02/07/2007 |

Trying to solve problems with help of the matrix can be useful – matching real system parameters to the matrix’s parameters enables a problem solver to get deeper into the problem and understand it better.Read More

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem Solving

01/12/2006 |

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem SolvingRead More

VizTRIZ: A Visual Approach to the Contradiction Matrix

05/11/2006 |

Victor E Ross Institute for Technological Innovation Faculty of EBIT University of Pretoria Hatfield 0002 South Africa

Abstract In the first phase of work aimed at refining the use of the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix, a contradictionless, ‘4-Attribute Matrix’ was … Read More

Creative Solutions from TRIZ for the Business Contradiction in Red Ocean Strategy

16/10/2006 |

By: Yung-Chin Hsiao

ABSTRACT The serious contradiction between product differentiation and cost was found in the red ocean strategy. Without compromise of cost and product differentiation, Kim, W. C. and Mauborgne, R. suggest that blue ocean strategy of exploiting … Read More

Transactional TRIZ, Theory, Application, and Execution, Part II: The Contradiction Matrix

02/10/2005 |

By: Jack Stuart

This series of articles will make the case for a version of TRIZ that applies for transactional, service or business applications. The first article addressed the relationship between intelligent problem analysis, creativity and components of creative … Read More


22/12/2004 |

By: Alexandr Bushuev

Alexandr Bushuev Sankt-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Department of Control Systems and Informatics

Sankt-Petersburg , Russia Summary. On base cusp catastrophe is offered control problem of technical contradictions on algorithm of inventve problem … Read More

The Application of TRIZ to Stapling the Contradiction Matrix

12/12/2004 |

– KRD Pravin []

Introduction When I was introduced to TRIZ, I tried to test it by applying it everywhere, irrespective of any technical field. The reason to do this was not only skepticism but also curiosity – can we … Read More

Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix – Part 2- Zooming In

20/07/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann Director CREAX +44 7980 864028

Introduction This article represents the second of a pair examining the differences between the original Contradiction Matrix of Classical TRIZ (Reference 1) and the 2003 updated version (Reference 2). In this … Read More

Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix – Part 1- Zooming Out

01/04/2004 |

Introduction This article represents the first of a pair examining the differences between the original Contradiction Matrix of Classical TRIZ (Reference 1) and the new version based on the analysis of 150,000 patents issued between 1985-2003 published in ‘Matrix 2003’ … Read More

Proposal of an object-oriented model of the physical contradiction to facilitate the problem-framing phase in design

15/01/2004 |

Executive Summary

In this article, we present our study on the building of an object-oriented model to represent the physical contradiction. This model is based on the specification of objects, which are the basic elements of representation, rules linking the … Read More

Practical Case Study of Resolving the Physical Contradiction in TRIZ; Super Water-Saving Toilet System Using Flexible Tube

20/11/2003 |

By: Hong Suk Lee, Kyeong-Won Lee Hong Suk Lee (1), Kyeong-Won Lee (2) (1) KID Inc. (Korea Item Development Inc. e -mail :

(2) Dept. of Mechanical Design, Korea Polytechnic University ( e -mail :

ABSTRACT This … Read More

Altshuller Father of Innovation – the Contradiction of TRIZ

12/11/2002 |

By: Karen Gadd Karen Gadd Oxford Creativity +44 1993 2001401

All of us celebrate that Altshuller founded TRIZ and uncovered this marvellous process for problem solving for the world. Those of us who have now dedicated our careers to … Read More

Contradiction and Analogy as the Basis for Inventive Thinking

17/08/2002 |

Contradiction and Analogy as the Basis for Inventive Thinking

Anja-Karina Pahl Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, UK

In order to find one�s place in … Read More