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conference Archives - The Triz Journal

First Israeli TRIZ Conference Report

01/03/2010 |

The first Israeli TRIZ conference took place at the Holon Institute of Technology on November 23, 2009. TRIZ was introduced in Israel to the academic and industrial community through high level tutorial presentations.Read More

Day 3 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

25/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The conference banquet on Monday night was held in the university’s reception hall.   We sat at large round tables and shared many dishes, which enhanced the opportunities for conference delegates to get to know each other.  The banquet was … Read More

Day 2 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

24/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The tutorial speaker for day 2 at the Systematic Innovation Conference  is Professor Jay Lee, whose primary work is at the U. of Cincinnati in the US and Shanghai Jia Tong University in China.   His talk on “Dominant Design … Read More

Report from First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

23/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

This conference has been planned for over a year, and features many innovations in conference organization, as well as the many papers, tutorials, and discussions of all aspects of systematic innovation.   For example, tutorial sessions were planned for Saturday … Read More

European TRIZ Association Conference

07/11/2009 |

Ellen Domb

The European TRIZ Association’s TRIZ Futures Conference is exploring new frontiers this week:   geographically, in Timisoara, Romania, and structurally, using a single session for the entire conference.   The conference is at Politehnica University–see for some of the history and … Read More

Report from the 33rd Annual PDMA Conference

05/11/2009 |

Guest Commentator

Herbert Roberts is reporting from the 33rd annual PDMA conference.———

The Tuesday November 3rd session of the 33rd annual PDMA conference at Anaheim’s Disneyland Hotel, featured keynote speaker venture capitalist, author, and former Apple Macintosh developer Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki’s … Read More

Business Innovation Conference 10/7/2009 Afternoon

07/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Jerry Smith’s presentation on “Intellectual Property & Innovation Management:  The Biggest Opportunity for Differentiation”  took us on a spectacular tour of Jerry’s background in psychology, software, aviation, entrepreneurship,  visualization, film making, academia…   Great for after lunch when the audience … Read More

Business Innovation Conference 10/7/2009 Second Morning Session

07/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

What a challenge to the speakers who followed Luis Reis to get the audience re-engaged!   I went to the “Innovation in Tough Times” by Peter Balbus and Melissa Giovagnoli.   They asked for some crowd sourcing  input; the participants were … Read More

Business Innovation Conference 10/7/2009

07/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Keynote speaker for Day 2 of the conference was Luis Filipe Reis from Inovacao Sonae (division of the family-owned 10Billion Euro Sonae company, which has shopping malls, other retail, real estate, investment managment, construction material manufacturing, and telecom) in Portugal. … Read More

Afternoon Business Innovation Conference 10/6/2009

06/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

The afternoon program at the Business Innovation Conference kicked off with a great presentation by Thomas Jacobius and Robert Anderson of the IIT Interprofessional Projects Program, which is a very unusual example of academic innovation.   Students at all levels … Read More

Business Innovation Conference 10/6/2009 – Second Session

06/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Three breakout sessions = tough choice.   I will report on the session by Irena Suznjevic from SimBex company in Croatia, who reported on her research AND application of methods of personifying innovation.   That means I passed up session on … Read More

Live Report from the Business Innovation Conference 10/6/2009

06/10/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Real Innovation Commentator Praveen Gupta is the chairman of the Business Innovation Conference that is running this week at Illinois Institute of Technology in Wheaton, a suburb of Chicago IL USA. This is a personal travel report, on the … Read More

TRIZ-fest 2009: Ma-triz Conference and Congress Report

07/09/2009 |

Over 100 TRIZ specialists from 14 countries participated in TRIZ-Fest 2009, July 25-29 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The participants delivered over 50 papers in English and Russian. Both languages were served with synchronous translation.Read More

Report on the 5th Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching

07/09/2009 |

The 5th Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching was held at China’s Hunan University on April 25, 2009. It was sponsored by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).Read More

Computer-Aided Innovation Conference in Harbin, China: Day 1, Afternoon Session

20/08/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Report on the Computer-Aided Innovation conference in Harbin, China.  Day 1, afternoon session.

Two parallel sessions for the afternoon gave a wide variety of speakers an opportunity to tell the conference about a wide variety of research in … Read More

Computer-Aided Innovation Conference-Live Report

19/08/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Hello to TRIZ Journal and Real Innovation readers from the great city of Harbin, China.   I will report live from the 3rd IFIP Working Conference on Computer Aided Innovation (CAI): Growth and Development of CAI.  Many aspects of CAI … Read More

Creative Conference Experience

08/04/2009 |

Ellen Domb

The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange is happening in Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA this week. I’m not a dis-interested participant, of course:  my co-author Katherine Radeka is the conference chair (see for our article linking TRIZ … Read More

PDMA’s 32nd Annual International Conference

22/07/2008 |

Katie Barry

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is hosting its 32nd Annual International Conference September 15-17 in Orlando.

Why should you attend this event? Keynote speakers from companies including MIT, iRobot and IBM. Guru roundtables: small roundtable sessions with thought-leaders … Read More

Report on the 3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Research

03/12/2007 |

Sponsored by the mechanical design academy of the Chinese mechanical engineering society, the 3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching in China was held at Hebei University of Technology on October 20, 2007.Read More

Creativity and Innovation Management Conference

28/10/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

DePaul University’s Center for Creativity and Innovation held its first annual conference on October 26, 2007. The conference had Matthew Wise, CEO of Q Interactive, Tom Stat, Associate Partner at IDEO, and many other speakers on topics ranging from … Read More