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Think Innovation Is A Numbers Game? Think Again; Change The Rules.

02/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Here are a few common statements that signal serious problems in a company’s innovation program.

“We have all the ideas we need.”

“We just need to fill the pipeline with more ideas.”

“Open innovation is the answer to all … Read More

Real Cultural Change

21/01/2007 |

Ellen Domb

One concern of the “innovation community” is the need for massive cultural change to convert old-style, business-as-usual organizations to aggressive, change-hungry, experimental innovation organizations. And the history of cultural change is not good–various studies of corporate change initiatives have failure … Read More

Express TRIZ Analysis of US Patents in Non-volatile Phase Change Memory

08/09/2005 |

By: Semyon D. Savransky and Tz-Chin Wei

Semyon D. Savransky The TRIZ Experts, 6015 Pepper Tree Court, Newark, CA 94560, USA E-mail:

Tz-Chin Wei 11F, #1, Lane 228, JungAn St., JungHe City, Taipei 235, Taiwan E-mail:

Abstract The … Read More

School-factory will die. What’s on? (Education during the change of civilizations)

10/04/2004 |

Why is the traditional school arranged just so and not in another way? Why is just this system of teaching so claimed and firm? Nature is not sparing of variety. We all are so various – even those of us … Read More