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Applications of Purpose Axis as a part of Multi Screen Thinking

28/07/2016 |

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Applications of TRIZ in Flurochemical Manufacturing

01/01/2010 |

Please describe the applications of TRIZ in flurochemical manufacturing industry.Read More

Student Corner: Practical Applications of Air Balloons

01/09/2008 |

All children are fond of playing different games with air-filled balloons and air bubbles. This article discusses applications of balloons, some of which were developed by students.Read More

Student Corner: the Applications of Shape Memory Alloys

07/05/2007 |

Shape memory alloy (SMA or memory metal) is a metal that "remembers" its initial geometry during transformations. The range of applications for SMAs has increased in recent years – in industries including medicine and aerospace.Read More

Practical TRIZ Applications for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist

07/12/2006 |

Part 1 – The Bettas Barracks By Gerry Antonio

Introduction I have been a freshwater tropical fish hobbyist for thirty years. I breed flowerhorns, Bettas and guppies. It was during the last ten years that my backyard production technologies significantly … Read More

Student’s Corner #8 – Bionics: Applications Of Biology’s Ideas In Technique

25/08/2006 |

Edited by Mrs. Leora C. Slocum (

On our previous Student’s Corners, we have already discovered several applications of biological effects, such as corrugation and the honeycomb, which increase the effectiveness of technology. Over time, scientists have developed the … Read More

Another vision of the 40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Chemical Engineering

12/12/2005 |

By: Guillermo Cortes Robles, Stéphane Negny, Jean Marc Le Lann INPT-ENSIACET, LGC, UMR-CNRS 5503, Génie Industriel 118, Route de Narbonne 31077 – Toulouse Cedex 04, FRANCE Mail :,,

Since the first article of (Domb, 1997), with … Read More

Some Aspect of TRIZ Applications in Steel Making Process

21/10/2005 |

By: J.E. Cho

Some Aspect of TRIZ Applications in Steel Making Process.

2005. 7.2 J.E. Cho Ph.D Technical Research Lab. POSCO

Steel plate (thickness : 40-60mm) deformed (above 5 mm) due to temperature difference between upper and … Read More


02/06/2005 |

By: Kang, Young Ju; Kwon, Young Il; Chung, Pyeong Kwan; Alexander Skuratovich

ABSTRACT First of all, I want to introduce LS Cable briefly. LG-Cable changes the name of company to LS-Cable because the ownership of company is changed in 2005. … Read More

A Methodology To Devise Digital Electronic Applications

08/01/2005 |

Norma F. Roffe ITESM-Campus Monterrey, Computer Science Department

Abstract The development of abilities such as creativity and innovation is a challenge for higher education. For Digital Electronics major the challenge is to confront students to design new applications. This … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Education

12/04/2004 |

Introduction Recent TRIZ research has resulted in extending TRIZ applications into non-technical areas. The Contradiction Matrix and corresponding 40 Principles have found applications in several areas, for example business (Mann & Domb, 1999) and (Mann, 1999), service operations management (Zhang, … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Service Operations Management

13/12/2003 |

Jun Zhang, Kah-Hin Chai, Kay-Chuan Tan Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, 119260, Singapore Email:

1. INTRODUCTION In the recent development of TRIZ research, much effort has been put in extending … Read More

Book Review: Simplified TRIZ: New Problem-Solving Applications for Engineers & Manufacturing Professionals

03/06/2002 |

Book Review: Simplified TRIZ: New Problem-Solving Applications for Engineers & Manufacturing Professionals

Dr. Michael S. Slocum and Ms. Catherine Lundberg* Ontro, Inc.

Title: Simplified TRIZ: New Problem-Solving Applications for … Read More

40 Inventive Principles for Social Applications

25/06/2001 |

Editor’s note: John Terninko sent this note with the accompanying list of examples of social applications of the 40 principles: One day two years ago I was sitting around realizing that there was little demonstrated use of TRIZ to social … Read More

Contradictions: Air Bag Applications

01/07/1997 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D.

The TRIZ Institute, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA

(909)949-0857 FAX (909)949-2968 e-mail

Introduction: A basic principle of TRIZ is that a technical problem is defined by contradictions. … Read More