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Integrating Trend Impact Analysis Methods With Trend Evolution of Technological Systems in Order to Improve Innovation Development Strategies. A Theoretical and Application Study.

02/03/2004 |

By Barry Winkless BSc, Dip, MSc Altran Technologies Ireland Web: Phone: + 353 87 97 20 544.

1. Abstract The following paper proposes the integration of Trend Impact Analysis with selected TRIZ methodologies and patent based … Read More

Inventions on Computer Keyboard – A TRIZ based analysis

02/11/2003 |

Umakant Mishra, Chief Technology Officer CREAX Information Technologies, Bangalore, India,

[The TRIZ researchers claim that there are only 40 Inventive Principles behind any invention. The non-TRIZ people believe this after verifying the truth. We will analyze various inventions … Read More

Food Foresight: Analysis Of The Development Patterns Of The Food Industry And Markets Using TRIZ Concepts

25/10/2003 |

Food Foresight: Analysis of the development patterns of the Food Industry and markets using TRIZ concepts Jorge Oliveira, Dpt. Process Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland Phone: 353-21-4902006 e-mail: webpage:

A small project termed Food Foresight was developed under … Read More

Using Value-Engineering Analysis + TRIZ Method For Improving The Stripping Grain-Harvesting Machine

18/09/2003 |

By: Peter Chuksin, Alexander Skuratovich, Nikolay Shpakovsky This article was first published in Russian on the site

INTRODUCTION High quality of products is one of the main prerequisites for a company’s success on the world market. The quality of … Read More

Analysis Paralysis: When Root Cause Analysis Isn’t The Way

21/05/2002 |

A shorter version of this article was presented in a previous issue of the CREAX monthly newsletter. The concept of ‘root contradictions’ introduced there was considered worthy of a wider airing.

Analysis Paralysis: When … Read More

Analysis of the Evolution of Training Tools and Systems Using the TRIZ Methodology

25/02/2001 |

Heather M. Smolensky North Carolina State University TE-589A 8 May 2000

Under the Direction of:

Dr. Timothy G. Clapp Professor North Carolina State University


Advances in technology, global competition, customer focus, and other factors are … Read More

Compatiability Analysis and Case Studies of Axiomatic Design and TRIZ

10/09/2000 |

This is part 2 of a 2-part article. Part 1 appeared in August, 2000. A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design.

Kai Yang and Hongwei Zhang Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Wayne State University … Read More

Situation analysis – a must first step in a problem solving process

25/04/2000 |

Mark G. Barkan Principal, Concept Catalysts, Inc.

The thoughts in this paper are the result of many years of attempts at solving various problems, technical and “soft”. These thoughts have been discussed with my fellow … Read More

Su-Field Analysis

20/02/2000 |

By: John Terninko Responsible Management Inc.

The following is taken from an improved chapter in my book Step-by-Step TRIZ. I apologize for not having it in the first edition. The following format can be used for a power point … Read More

Book Review: “New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis”

09/02/2000 |

by Ellen Domb,

Title: New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis: Anticipatory Failure Determination ™ and the Theory of Scenario Structuring

Authors: Stan Kaplan, Ph.D., Svetlana Visnepolschi, Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman

Soft Cover, 83 pages, US$35, ISBN 1-928747-05-1

Published by … Read More

Design and analysis of a method for monitoring felled seat seam characteristics utilizing TRIZ Methods

10/12/1999 |

Timothy G. Clapp, PhD, PE Professor NC State University Raleigh, NC 27695

Brad A. Dickinson Design Engineer 3-TEX Incorporated Cary, NC 27511


Felled seams are used extensively in … Read More

Case Studies In TRIZ: A Novel Heat Exchanger (Use of Function Analysis Modelling to Find and Eliminate Contradictions)

03/12/1999 |

A version of this paper was first prepared for the First International Conference on Advanced Engineering Design, held in Prague during June 1999. A different version was also presented at the 3rd European Invention Machine User Group Conference in … Read More

Tool, Object, Product (TOP) Function Analysis

19/09/1999 |

Zinovy Royzen,PresidentTRIZ Consulting, Inc.Seattle, WashingtonTel: (206) 364-3116 Fax: (206) 364-8932zroyzen@aol.com

This paper was presented at TRIZCON99, The First Symposium on TRIZMethodology and Application of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, March 7-9,1999, Novi, Michigan

Copyright 1999 by … Read More

Analysis of a Problem: Clogging of a Multi-Drum Filter Used in a Textile Application

19/08/1999 |

by Josh Carr North Carolina State University for TE 589A “T.R.I.Z. Problem Solving” College of Textiles, N.C. State University Professors: Dr. Michael Slocum & Dr. Tim Clapp May 3, 1999 Abstract The multi-drum filter, when used in a particular textile … Read More


05/12/1996 |

James F. Kowalick, PhD, PE Renaissance Leadership Institute Center for TRIZ Development P.O. Box 659, 9907 Camper Lane Oregon House, California 95962 (916) 692-1944 ~ Fax: 692-1946

FUNCTIONS AND VALUE All phenomena – all actions – can be expressed … Read More