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Software Review: “Invention Highway, Family Edition and Professional Edition”

| On 25, Feb 2003

By: Catherine Lundberg

Software by: Comedia Ltd.
The cost is $24 and is available at:

The Invention Highway software teaches ASIT—as you play the games, you learn 4 methods for finding innovative solutions to problems utilizing the resources that already exist in the system (closed world solutions). These methods are taught with the aid of a “monster” who is quite creative in his example solutions. The methods include unification, duplication/multiplication, division, and breaking unity. These methods can then be applied to various problem solving games including preventing a prisoner from escaping from prison, helping the professor’s daughter change a tire, and beating a chess champion without even knowing how to play chess! The user must figure out how to
solve these sample problems using the tools given.
The user is guided through the software by a colorful and helpful professor and will find the software easy to navigate. The family version and the professional version are nearly identical. The animated characters, including the professor, provide clues through clever comments. The software is entertaining and the user develops creative solutions without realizing it.