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Opportunity to contribute to developing improved understanding of the use of TRIZ in software development

| On 27, Apr 2005

Recently growing interest in the application of TRIZ for software problems has prompted others to contribute to the original list of software analogies of the 40 inventive principles published back in 2001 by Kevin C. Rea. (Please see the archives) In August 2004, Ron Fulbright published missing analogs completing an initial baseline of 40 principles for software.

Over the past three years, Kevin Rea has received additional analogies and examples for the initial set. As a result, it is evident that an up-to-date resource and subsequent process should be created to handle further contributions; a moderated ‘‘software pattern-type’’ database of the analogs would be ideal, however initially the process will produce a working document. Kevin C. Rea has volunteered to be moderator for this process and to revise the document as new analogs are accepted.

The process is simple: send an email to ‘‘’ with your software analog(s) and/or example(s). After contributions have been accepted, an updated revision will be published at The TRIZ Journal replacing the existing version.
Contributor’s information; a contributor should specify what info he/she doesn’t want published ELSE it will be: name, date, email, location.

NOTE: Sometimes a contributor may need to get clearance with their respective employer before publishing — most of the time this is for proprietary information; therefore verify that you are not publishing anything proprietary.)