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Obituary: Nikolai Khomenko

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1988
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Wednesday, 30th March 2011

March 27, 2011.  Nikolai Khomenko passed away after a year of illness.   He was well-known to the TRIZ-Journal readers for his thorough explanations of many of the aspects of TRIZ.  He has lived for many years in Canada, and traveled widely.    His recent work was in France and Germany, where he made extensive contributions to the electric power industry.    Friends are invited to add to this discussion to create an obituary in rememberance of a great teacher and great friend, Nikolai Khomenko.

Message: 1989
Posted by: Navneet Bhushan
Posted on: Wednesday, 30th March 2011

Really a major loss! TRIZ needs to continue to develop and we need all those who contributed and created an absolutely fantastic methodology! Hope we all will carry on the good work ….

My condolences to TRIZ Community and Nikolai's family and friends!

Message: 1990
Posted by: Gaetano Cascini
Posted on: Wednesday, 30th March 2011

It's a very sad news for our community, Nikolai was truly appreciated as a professional researcher and a very kind person. People from all over the world are exchanging condolences messages, stories and picture about the wonderful experiences we have had with him, encouragements for his relatives and friends.I wuld personally invite all the people who have appreciated his contribution to TRIZ development by coordinating OTSM research, to continue his activity with the same honest spirit and with the proper acknowledgment of his valuable efforts.


Message: 1991
Posted by: Dr. Robert Adunka
Posted on: Thursday, 31st March 2011

This is really a sad story. Half a year ago I had correspondence with him as we were discussing different ways how I could get a deep understanding in OTSM-TRIZ. I really loved discussing TRIZ-details with Nikoklai and see his version of the story. A major soucre of knowledge died with him that leaves a great open gap in the TRIZ-comunity that can not be filled any more.

Robert Adunka

Message: 1992
Posted by: Pascal Sire
Posted on: Thursday, 31st March 2011

On behalf of TRIZ community in France, the Executive Board of TRIZ France joins his thoughts to others in the world to remember Nicolai, our teacher (several promotions at INSA Strasbourg) and Master (numerous conferences at ETRIA) in recent years. His work will continue because we apply TRIZ and TRIZ-OTSM in France and Belgium, but also by “Thoughtivity for Children” ( Our condolences to his family and his friends in the world.Pascal SirePresident TRIZ France

Message: 1993
Posted by: Isak
Posted on: Thursday, 31st March 2011

I deeply miss Nikolai Khomenko forever. A lot of people in the world in different countries loved and appreciated him. Nick is for all of us an outstanding personality.
This is a terrible one for me and so unexpected for me. I am sure that I continue the line of Nikolai in his work.


Message: 1994
Posted by: Alexander Sokol
Posted on: Friday, 1st April 2011

Nikolai was definitely the figure in the TRIZ community. And it is always a great loss when such people are gone. So many things could have been done…

I know that Nikolai has discussed his ideas on OTSM and TRIZ with many of you. A lot of it was done via email. I believe that a small thing we can do is to collect these ideas and make them available to a wider community. I am ready to facilitate this process. I am asking those colleagues who are ready to share to get in touch with me and we will discuss the details. And please pass this to anyone you know who has been in touch with Nikolai and might contribute.

Message: 1995
Posted by: Yves Guillou
Posted on: Friday, 1st April 2011

How can I use words to explain what I feel now…A very huge loss, as professor, but principally as a great man. Everyone who met him will understand.He has been my teacher at INSA, and after my graduate I have numerous exchanges by mail with him. Alexander, your idea is great, and I am ready to share all that I can with you.

Message: 1998
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Sunday, 3rd April 2011

Excellent idea.  How do you want people to send the information to you? 

Message: 2000
Posted by: Alexander Sokol
Posted on: Sunday, 3rd April 2011

By email. alexander.sokol at

Message: 2004
Posted by: Mahmoud Karimi
Posted on: Tuesday, 5th April 2011

I have heard about Nikolai and power of OTSM-TRIZ in a workshop by Hongyul Yoon. 2 years later I met him at INSA Strasbourg. He introduced to me by Denis as “The Brilliant man with the brilliant mind”. I believe this terms for Nikolai.We met him couple of time at IIITS and Tehran. We tried to learn more about OTSM-TRIZ. He was one of the best and had deep understanding.We missed him forever but this is a wish to have several kids around the world who knows OTSM-TRIZ and think brilliant.

Message: 2005
Posted by: Valeri Souchkov
Posted on: Thursday, 7th April 2011

It is a tragic, horrible loss… Especially at such young age! I knew Nikolai for over 20 years, he was my great friend and my TRIZ coach. I remember how during many years we used to go to a caffee nearby our company offices every day to discuss TRIZ – sometimes for hours. Nikolai was always one of the most sincere and honest man I ever knew. He always was saying what he thought, he never gave preferences neither to carreer nor business issues, he only was saying what he truly believed in.

Hard to believe.

Last week, the ETRIA board has decided that the next edition of ETRIA TRIZ Future 2011 Conference in Dublin, Ireland will be dedicated to the memory of Nikolai.

Message: 2008
Posted by: Hongyul Yoon
Posted on: Saturday, 9th April 2011

Nikolai Khomenko was, is and will be the UNIQUE person to me.

He has been just giving me his love, wisdom, advice, help and happy memories even though I never deserved them.

In 1997, I met him for the first time, he gave me a delightful shock by introducing ENV Model which has lead me to my today life.

Since then, he has been taught me about OTSM and TRIZ.

Without his help, I couldn't do anything in TRIZ field.

He has been a really warm-heart person generous to all weak and poor people who I met during the times with him.

In my prayers, he will be forever.

( I am grateful to ETRIA for its wonderful idea )