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Managerial Creatology & Total Innovation Management

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1196
Posted by: Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi
Posted on: Tuesday, 8th January 2008

Managerial Creatology is a sub-discipline of Creatology.

Creatology , refer to the consolidated , comprehensive ,

multi-disciplinary independent science of Creativity and Innovation , that included many sub-disciplines for extensive integrated considering of all studies and researches of various aspects of Creativity , Creative & Generative thinking , Creative & Inventive Problem Solving ,Creative Design , Invention and Innovation by different scientific approaches and methodologies in all of the fields .

Managerial Creatology , is study of Creativity and

Innovation in the organization by Managerial approach .

Managerial Creatology of the most innovative global organizations , show that they go to the Total Creativity and Innovation Management .

Total Creativity and Innovation System  focuses  on the Extensive Continuous Creativity and Innovation , Internal and External Creativity and Innovation .

TRIZ can play an effective role in Total Innovation Management System .

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Posted by: QualityColoradl
Posted on: Tuesday, 8th January 2008

Regarding the posting about “Creatology”:

This looks like a reference to some kind of possible taxonomy about creativity tools.  However, beyond that, I do not understand the reasoning behind this posting. 

Please elaborate.

Best regards,


Message: 1198
Posted by: Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi
Posted on: Wednesday, 9th January 2008

Creatology is very farther up of a taxonomy of creativity tools , it is

a discipline that refer to scientific study of Creativity and Innovation .

Creatology on the basis of the scientific research approaches to the Creativity and Innovation , comprised many sub-disciplines , such as :

Managerial Creatology , Psychological Creatology , Educational Creatology , Sociological Creatology , TRIZical Creatology ,

BIONICical Creatology , and BIOISCical Creatology .

Total Innovation Management ( TIM ) is a new approach in  the Managerial Creatology , for development of organizational Creativity and Innovation , ( similar to TQM – Total Quality Management –   for Quality development ) .

TRIZ as a comprehensive Cretological approach and methodology ,

can play an effective role in Total Creativity and Innovation Management System ( similar to statistical tools in TQM ) .

This posting to give attention to the benefits and necessity of comprehensive and integrared  approach to the researches in the field of creativity and innovation , and also to consider the role of TRIZ in Total Creativity & Innovation Management .


Message: 1199
Posted by: QualityColorado
Posted on: Thursday, 10th January 2008

Regarding your posting about Creatology:

I have to admit that I am still not following you — what you have provided so far seems to be too generic to test and apply. 

Do you have some references for “Total Innovation Management” or Creatology or related topics that can provide additional information for practitioners?

What you have provided so far is too generic to apply.

Best regards,


Message: 1203
Posted by: Paul-in-Asia
Posted on: Tuesday, 15th January 2008

For me this is more a post to cover the 'bases', as pointed out it does not go into details, more a clear way of warming up within a theme and first to suggest unless we see more specifics from this post

Message: 1204
Posted by: Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi
Posted on: Thursday, 17th January 2008

Since Creatology and Total Innovation Management are new and growing topics , there are a few references about those , such as Magyari-Beck works ( Creatology Matrix ) and works of the author , that finds at the internet .