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Innovation Outsourcing

Innovation Ships Out
Will outsourcing innovation have a long-term effect in the overall quality and innovative nature of American products and services? CIO magazine looks at threats associated with continued R&D outsourcing.

Outsourcing Innovation
How much outsourcing innovation is too much? Where should a business draw the line?

Outsourcing with Honor: Personnel Matters
Outsourcing innovation requires active involvement or the innovation will run out of gas.

Outsourcing: Product Innovation from India
A growing number of enterprise product companies are using development centers and vendor partnerships in India to build and maintain their products as the core competency and resource pools are mature enough to create innovative solutions.
Practical outsourcing and offshoring advice and case studies for IT and business process outsourcing.

Sun Microsystems: Finding Flexibility at a Big Company
Sun Microsystems’s outsourcing success provides a path that other companies can follow.

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