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Open Source Innovation

A Problem Shared is a Problem Solved
Can ending the secrecy that surrounds innovation be a good thing? This article from Fast Company shows that the sheer scale of possibilities that exist with open source innovation are a powerful argument for sharing company secrets.

Open Source Everywhere
Examples of open source innovation movements demonstrate its ability to transform companies and communities.

Six Sigma and Business Innovation: Process or Passion?
What is the relationship between Six Sigma and innovation? Are the two complementary or do they work in opposite directions? Actually, they are both complementary and opposite.

The Art and Science of Innovation
Innovation that is both an art and a science is an open-source methodology. Anyone can see the process steps – and given the same set of inputs – a practitioner may now expect repeatability by leveraging both right- and left-brain attributes.

The Open Source Heretic
The reach of Linux software is arguably the best example of opensource innovation. But that doesn’t mean its competition is rushing to follow its lead.

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