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Innovation, Creativity, and Invention

| On 01, Jan 2010

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Posted by: Priyavrat Thareja
Posted on: Tuesday, 23rd January 2007

Mike and Tim,

Profit and Purpose are two attributes which are connected. Howsoever distant they may be, the relationship is always corresponding and direct. If there has been no conflict till now, then do we consider that no purpose ever progresses without a motive of profit. If at all it does, then it should be over an un-understood aberration. And we do commit such unproductive acts, and sometimes deny the crime committed perhaps for a face saving ;-).

Commercialization of Innovation is therefore an implicit part of assigning worth to the creative impulse. Does profit motive precede the spell- that is never contested? If yes then why counter this thinking when we go back circle?

Infact Foley in his works professes about the industrials tendency to map their quality assurance (read Innovation) efforts with respect to the ultimate objective of making money. That is, if a business can not expect make money in the longer term, the narrower attempt to work-hard would rather be dissipated out; if not voluntarily then certainly it will be forced out. 

[a) Foley K J (1987); Report of the Committee of Review of Standards, Accreditation, And Quality Control And Assurance, Canberra, Department Of Industry, Technology And Commerce OR  b) Foley K, Barton R, (1997), ÒQuality, Productivity and CompetitivenessÓ, Strathfield Standards, Australia.

Priyavrat Thareja