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Consultants, Innovation and Creativity

A. R. Lima Consultoria
Systematic innovation consulting firm working in Brazil.

Accelper Consulting
Provides training to institutionalize business innovation for achieving profitable growth.

Air Academy Associates
Provider of innovation and TRIZ consulting, training and coaching.

Boutique Australian brain training company. Specializes in developing creative thinking.

Cavemen Company
A study office for product innovation; invests in the optimization of the product development process.

Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership
Innovation training and certification.

Centre for Creative Thinking
Based in Singapore, offers creativity and innovation workshops for clients in Asia and the Middle East.

Clemente Nobrega
Systematic innovation consulting firm.

CM Consulting
Creative thinking and design; TRIZ workshops.

Collective Invention
Helps leaders of innovation create, articulate and implement visionary futures; work integrates relevant research, design thinking, and collective wisdom.

Concept Catalysts
Provides a systematic, repeatable innovation process, which integrates the features of the leading creativity methodologies.

Crafitti Consulting
Assists, collaborates, designs and develops solutions for businesses across domains and around the world. A suite of systematic, structured and science based frameworks.

Creative Nudge Coaching and Consulting Services
Creativity coaching and workshops for creativity, innovation and team building.

Creativity Workshop
Creative writing, drawing, storytelling and memoir trainings.

A research organization dedicated to empowering worldwide innovation potential.

Offers innovation services ranging from the development of new products or businesses to consulting servicesl active mainly in the communication and Internet sectors.

de Bono for Business
Practitioners of Dr. Edward de Bono’s methods. Full line of products and services: lateral thinking, six thinking hats, focus on facilitation.

de Bono Institute
The de Bono Institute undertakes reseach, development, consulting and facilitation for programs and projects focussing on creativity, design thinking and innovation.

Creativity and branding. Site in French.

Enterprise Development Group
Offers consulting and training services in strategy development and innovation practices for work groups facing complex change.

European Innovations Consulting (EIC)
Provides enhancement of innovativeness and competitiveness in the SME sector.

George Group
Global consulting company specializing in “fast innovation.”

Business consultation services concerning development of new ideas through writing, idea generation, creative thinking, innovation, and problem solving in organizations, industry and education.

ICG Training & Consulting
In the Netherlands with core competence in TRIZ and systematic innovation for technology and business.

Idea Champions
Consulting and training company specializing in innovation.

Idea Game
A boardgame that replaces brainstorming.

Provides consulting and mentoring solutions in business innovation, new product development, marketing and process innovation.

Innovation Systems Consulting
The website delineates the range of knowledge domains of innovation systems consulting. The innovation knowledge domain consists of a range of innovation tools and the innovation development process developed on the basis of experiential insights derrived over a period of 12 years

Facilitate collaborative processes to accelerate innovation.

A consulting firm specialing in TRIZ problem solving and hands-on training. Linkage to MBTI and KAI assessment methods. Trainers for ASME, AIChE, World Future Society and American Creativity Association.

Institute of Professional Innovators
Offers an innovation certification program, executive innovation program for decision-makers of various levels, strategic innovation services aimed at the creation of sustainable advantage and growth, and on-demand innovation corporate capability creation service.

Interface Europe
Contultants on European funding for research and innovation. Broad range of services: training, project conception and management, strategy and exploitation of results.

Iran Research Center for Creatology, Innovation & TRIZ
Focuses on development of creatology as an inter-disciplinary science of creativity and innovation that has sub-disciplines such as TRIZ-ical creatology, managerial creatology, educational creatology and bionical creatology.

Innovation technologies, which include computer aided innovation (CAI), innovation tools, computer-based training for innovation, and services.

JOIN Business & Technology
New product development, mainly in the field of industrial and medical technologies.

A creativity site for business innovation and personal development.

OakStone Partners
Innovation methods, product development, profitability improvement, product life cycle management, portfolio management, pricing strategy and product strategy.

Permanent Innovation
Process of innovating continuously, as a matter of strategy, method and habit.

Provides customized new product ideas.

PQR Group
Innovation training and consulting, emphasizing TRIZ and QFD to combine creativity with customer-focused business development.

ProdyoVidhi Consulting
A consulting and research firm specializing in TRIZ problem solving and training and intellectual property based services.

QAI Global Services
Global consulting and workforce development organization addressing ‘Operational Excellence’ in knowledge intensive service organizations.

Six Sigma & Innovation
Trainers of DFSS and innovation tools, project execution in engineering and different technical innovation areas.

Providing innovation tools, training, facilitations and innovative event experiences.

Enables companies to overcome organizational barriers to success and create a culture of innovation.

Systematic Innovation Network
Combination of full-time innovation researchers, teachers, consultants and ‘invent-to-order’ solutions. ‘Hands-On’ TRIZ materials in technical, business and software fields. Active offices and partners in the UK, Malaysia, India, China, Denmark, Austria, Japan and Korea.

The Innovation Practice
Offerings include organizational assessment and training as well as front end support to drive consumer/customer insight.

Think For A Change, LLC
A full-service organizational creativity and innovation management consulting firm.

True Potential
Innovation and change management consultancy based in Ireland.

Valeocon Management Consulting
Supports innovation efforts across the value chain.

Specializes in moving clients from idea to execution, applying leading edge knowledge systems.

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