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Generational Cycles – Joy

Generational Cycles –  Joy

| On 14, Apr 2019

Darrell Mann

Baby Boomer (Prophets)   –           The Joy Of Sex

Generation X (Nomads)     –           The Joy Of Sucks

Generation Y (Heroes)       –           The Joy Of Shots

Generation Z (Artists)         –           The Joy Of Socks

Baby Boomers – grew up in a great age of permissiveness. Sex, in the heady days before AIDS and in the wake of the arrival of the birth-control pill, was something to be shared freely. Enter the 1972 book, ‘The Joy Of Sex’, a must read for any young Boomer couple who wanted to get the most out of jiggy-time. No longer was it necessary to be embarrassed about a previously taboo topic. Now it was something to be given pride of place on the bookshelf. For the Boomers at least…

Generation X – as with most Nomad generations Gen X’ers found themselves looked down on by the surrounding generations. All the free-love optimism of the Boomers gets revealed as a sham, and the X’ers find themselves caught in a whole bunch of conflicts and contradictions. Life sucks…

Generation Y/Millennials – when you’re a hero, everything in life gets turned up to eleven. And concentrated. No time to waste. The ‘shot’ came to symbolize what happens when life gets distilled down to its very essence.

And now, along come Generation Z, a generation of Artists. Suffocated kids with all the sense of adventure sucked out of them by helicopter parents and a society that demands a cotton-wool wrapper on everything. 2018 saw the publication of what looks set to be the aspiring Z’er life bible…

Teenage rebellion: now defined by wearing non-matching socks.