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The Triz Journal | April 30, 2017

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Dfss/six Sigma

January 1, 2010 |

Is DFSS the way to incorporate innovation and six sigma? Or are there lots of ways to combine them? Is DFSS just the most OFFICIAL?Read More

Washing Machines… Unnecessary Weight…

January 1, 2010 |

Having to move my washing machine in order to get it repaired I realized that it contains a massive and heavy “thing” that will keep the mashine (more) stable when tumbling. A thing that only needs toRead More

Samsung Creativity Tools

January 1, 2010 |

Hello Everyone,I'm a french student studying in BA honours degree in Scotland and one of my research topics is the use of creativity tools as well as the innovation management in companRead More

Generate Innovative Ideas to Make Marketing Tools

January 1, 2010 |

Hi,I work with the marketing services dept of this company and am charged with developing innovative tools for marketing of color pigments.I have used the Random stimulus tool and was successful inRead More

Applications of TRIZ in Flurochemical Manufacturing

January 1, 2010 |

Please describe the applications of TRIZ in flurochemical manufacturing industry.Read More


January 1, 2010 |

Dear TRIZ-friends, Currently I?m writing my master-thesis about innovation management were I endeavour to show the possibility to use TRIZ in non technical issues. I would like to investRead More

Inventing to Innovating

January 1, 2010 |

Are there methods for taking a private invention and making it into an innovation? Thanks for any feedback.Read More


January 1, 2010 |

how come ive never heard about these methods before? how come people arent talking about this stuff at my company?Read More

“how to Develop “breakthrough” Products and Services

January 1, 2010 |

FYI, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has posted another FREE open courseware offering regarding innovation — this one is entitled “How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and ServiceRead More

TRIZ in Media Field Especially the Radio

January 1, 2010 |

how can we make Triz practical in media & especially in radio programs?Read More

How Many New Functions (triz Sense)

January 1, 2010 |

I am trying to answer this question and am not very sure of the question itself. The question, ” How many new functions mankind has discovered in the TRIZ sense of a function in last 100 years – say 1Read More

What is Going on with the TRIZ-journal?

January 1, 2010 |

What is going on with the TRIZ-Journal?Read More

Newbie: What Are the Best Books to Learn TRIZ?

January 1, 2010 |

Can anybody tell me? I have And suddenly the inventor appeared but this is just the into. What are the best books to get to the real stuff. I'm a non engineer but love this way of creative thinRead More

TRIZ for Software Development

January 1, 2010 |

The February 2007 TRIZ Journal has 2 articles on TRIZ and Software Development methods, by John Stamey and me, and we are preparing a workshop for a computer security conference in April. &nRead More

Again with the Ipod!

January 1, 2010 |

Why do people still think the iPod is an innovation? It's not. Mp3 players already existed. iTunes was innovative, not the iPod itself. Invetive – evolution – not innovation. — It's in the boRead More

Ge Healthcare-are They Using Innovation Methods?

January 1, 2010 | what GE Healthcare is doing be qualified as usinRead More

Integrating Innovation

January 1, 2010 |

Can QFD, VOC, TRIZ, Six Sigma, etc. all work together? Is it a question of plug and play experimentation or are there specific paths to follow?Read More


January 1, 2010 |

My interest is Padlock innovation and inventionI have this sitehttp://www.padlockinventor.comYes I have this thing for padlocks. Don't know why, can't do anything about it just something I havRead More

Application TRIZ in Advertising

January 1, 2010 |

Hi to all .I am looking for application triz in advertising and some example ?Is there any one to know about it ?thanks.Read More

Do You Generate Employee Creativity and Innovation?

January 1, 2010 |

Or do you cause your employees to refuse to use their natural creativity and innovation?This is a simple test of 10 questions. Rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each question, 10 being the bestRead More