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| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 204
Posted by: Amir
Posted on: Thursday, 25th January 2007

Is anyone working with ethnographics in their dividion/company? Dorothy Leonard wrote an article in HBR about it in 97. Really takes market research to the next level. Would like to hear back from anyone whose done it firsthand. Thank you.

Message: 205
Posted by: Trev
Posted on: Friday, 26th January 2007

My opinion is that if HBR published an article on it and the tool/methodology/strategy is not widespread, then it's probably not something of tremendous value (or widespread benefit). Otherwise you'd be hearing about ethnography left and right and tons of money would be flowing into customer studies.

Message: 209
Posted by: Amir
Posted on: Friday, 26th January 2007


But is that necessarily true? Or is it just new enough that people aren't talking about it? Six Sigma stuff didn't used to be all over and now it is. Perhaps it's just competitive intelligence at this point and companies don't want to share successes based on it?

I don't know, but I figured this might be the crowd to ask. Even just in general terms, I'd like to hear about people using this succeessfully.


Message: 216
Posted by: Mike Carnell
Posted on: Tuesday, 30th January 2007

Anthropologists have used it for years.