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| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 2031
Posted by: Alex
Posted on: Friday, 10th June 2011

Dear TRIZ-friends,


Currently I?m writing my master-thesis about innovation management were I endeavour to show the possibility to use TRIZ in non technical issues.


I would like to investigate among other things a situation which takes place in the company I?m working for.


The company produces switches for energy field. The switches are mechanical till now. That means that after a certain period of time (~1 year) the switches should be maintained by our mechanics. So we offer ?after sales services?.


The company is thinking to develop a electronic switch in the future. Our customers would like this idea because with the new technology we would dramatically decrease the periods between the services (probably the service will be no more necessary)

The problem is: we would cannibalize our ?after sales business? which is of course very lucrative.

But we are forced to bring new products into the market.


       Innovation is expected by our customers

       Fierce competition


So I try to formulate the contradiction:

Improving parameter:    stability of the product

Worsening Parameter:   turnover/profit


Do you think the problem was formulated in the proper way?

Do you have some ideas how the contradiction can be solved?


Thank you very much



Message: 2032
Posted by: Pentti
Posted on: Saturday, 18th June 2011

Dear Alex, I think that you should try to formulate a Physical Contradiction rather than a TC. So your company need to have new products to keep alive, but the company looses after sales service incomes from the old products. You might know the solutions to PhC's?

Message: 2033
Posted by: C Nikulin
Posted on: Thursday, 23rd June 2011

The contradiction is not strong, so take a decision is difficult enough, how are you dealing with a company's strategic decisions, it is best to conduct an analysis PFN based on OSTM-TRIZ analysis and after that you find the contradictions that would affect more the strategy that the company has developed the product based on technological systems that want to improve.