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CASE STUDY in TRIZ: ‘Global Benchmark’ Evaluation of Thermal Comfort in Sports Equipment

10/12/2003 |

Simon Dewulf CREAX nv

Vincent Ventenat DECATHLON sa

Darrell Mann CREAX NV

INTRODUCTION The research area of thermal comfort in sporting equipment has been evaluated in terms of TRIZ. The article presents a number of generically applicable … Read More

Practical Case Study of Resolving the Physical Contradiction in TRIZ; Super Water-Saving Toilet System Using Flexible Tube

20/11/2003 |

By: Hong Suk Lee, Kyeong-Won Lee Hong Suk Lee (1), Kyeong-Won Lee (2) (1) KID Inc. (Korea Item Development Inc. e -mail :

(2) Dept. of Mechanical Design, Korea Polytechnic University ( e -mail :

ABSTRACT This … Read More

A Response To “TRIZ on Rapid Prototyping – a case study for technology foresight”

30/10/2003 |

Richard Peyton George, Vice President WorldTech, Inc. 1750 Tysons Blvd, 4th Floor McLean, VA 22102 (703) 904-0673 (703) 904-0689 Fax

WorldTech provides technology search and evaluation services for a variety of government and corporate customers and helps … Read More

TRIZ And Machine Maintenance Case Study – Part 2 – Managing Constraints And Perceptions

26/10/2003 |

Darrell Mann Director CREAX nv, Ieper, Belgium

John Cooney Academic Researcher School of Business and Government National University of Ireland, Cork

Barry Winkless CREAX, Ireland

Abstract This article follows on from a first paper examining the application … Read More

Case Study – Applying the TRIZ Methodology to Machine Maintenance

22/08/2003 |

By: John Cooney, Darrell Mann

John Cooney Academic Researcher School of Business and Government National University of Ireland, Cork

Darrell Mann Director CREAX nv, Ieper, Belgium

Barry Winkless Creax, Ireland

1 Introduction For the majority of companies, … Read More

TRIZ on Rapid Prototyping -A Case Study for Technology Foresight

16/07/2003 |

By: Jörg Stelzner, Carlos Palacios, Tobias Swaton

Abstract Although TRIZ is a problem solving tool, the application of TRIZ instruments supports the strategic task such as Technology Foresight. These methods provide the ability to visualize future trends and helps to … Read More

TRIZ and Case Study About Bus Seats

20/06/2003 |

By Ali Sen, Korhan Arun

By Ali SEN Professor of Science of Statistics at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey AND Korhan ARUN TQM MS Student at Dokuz Eylül University

The countries, which are … Read More

Titanic TRIZ: A Universal Case Study

25/03/2003 |

By: Ellen Domb, Ph.D.

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. The PQR Group,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When teaching TRIZ to groups of people from a wide variety of technical and cultural backgrounds, it is important to use a case study that they can … Read More

Anticipating Failures with Substance-Field Inversion – A TRIZ Methods Case Study

06/03/2003 |

By: Thomas W. Ruhe

Hewlett-Packard Company

Anticipating failures is a powerful tool for shortening the time required to develop robust products. Inverting Standard Techniques of Substance-Field analysis allows anticipation of failures caused by a useful function not being performed. … Read More

Case study: The application of TRIZ to economy class aircraft cabin design

27/12/2001 |

Case study: The application of TRIZ to economy class aircraft cabin design

School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY, United Kingdom Author: Sam Carter, Supervision:

This body of work … Read More

Using the 76 Standard Solutions: a Case Study for Improving the World Food Supply

10/04/2001 |

First published in the Proceedings of TRIZCON2001, the Altshuller Institute, March, 2001.

Joe Miller, Quality Process Consulting, Ellen Domb, Ph.D., The PQR Group, Ellen MacGran, Nabisco Brands Co., University of Phoenix, John Terninko, Ph.D., Responsible Management

Read More

Containment ring problem (Impeller burst) IWB Case study

28/10/2000 |

By: Alla Zusman

Editor’s note: This paper shows the application of the Ideation Workbench Method to the case that was presented in the September 2000, issue of The TRIZ Journal. Innovation Situation Questionnaire

1. Brief description of the … Read More

Application of TRIZ to Technology Forecasting – Case Study: Yarn Spinning Technology

19/07/2000 |

Severine Gahide

Under the Direction of:

Dr. Timothy G. Clapp Professor North Carolina State University

Dr. Michael S. Slocum Adjunct Assistant Professor North Carolina State University


Case Study: Application Of Ideation/TRIZ To A Technological Problem With Rapid Prototyping Equipment

14/11/1999 |


Solving difficult problems is a complex activity that is governed by the search for knowledge. Problem solving is affected by a combination of the searching process and by the availability of the knowledge … Read More

Case Study: TRIZ Solves a Hard Drive Reliability Problem

14/11/1998 |

Zinovy Royzen, President TRIZ Consulting, Inc. 12013 C 12 Ave N.W., Seattle, Washington Tel: (206) 364-3116, Web site:

This paper was presented at The Tenth Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, June 14-16, 1998, Novi, … Read More

QFD, TRIZ, and Entrepreneurial Intuition The DelCor Interactives International Case Study

05/09/1998 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. PQR Group, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA +1(909)949-0857 FAX +1(909)949-2968

David Corbin DelCor Interactives International, Inc. 1511-6 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027 USA 800 480 2949 FAX +1(760)480-0249

Read More

THE TRIZ APPROACH – Case Study: Creative Solutions to a Human Relations (HR) Problem

23/11/1997 |

by James F. Kowalick, President & Director The Leonardo da Vinci Institute, division of RLI, Inc. 9907 Camper Lane, P.O. Box 659, Oregon House, CA. 95962 Voice: (916) 692-1944 ~ Fax: (916) 692-1946 ~ Email:

Introduction. The oldest living … Read More

Case Study: Licensing

12/12/1996 |

by: Victor Minin, Problem

The company is interested in licensing its product for manufacture and sales in developing countries. They propose to sell the technology and receive royalty payments from the licensees. They were looking for a foolproof method … Read More