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Best of the Month – The Innovation Illusion

12/09/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Here’s one of those best-of choices that comes with a health-warning: This book might cause prospective innovators to believe that all of their innovation efforts are futile. This is a depressing book. Mainly because, rather than our SI … Read More

Best of the Month – Skin In The Game

15/08/2018 |

Darrell Mann

When Nassim Nicholas Taleb releases a new book, its unlikely there will be anything else arriving on the market that will be able to compete for our Best Of The Month slot. And, true to form, his new … Read More

Best of the Month – Win Bigly

11/07/2018 |

Darrell Mann

I tend to have a soft spot for books that polarise readers. Especially in these days of every book, record or movie seems to receive a meaningless four-star review. If I can believe Scott Adams, Win Bigly and … Read More

Best of the Month – The New Polymath

15/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

A Polymath the Greek word for Renaissance Man is one who excels in many disciplines, a lot like the #-shaped person profile we discussed in last month’s ezine. This book is one of the sparks behind that article. … Read More

Best of The Month – Moral Tribes

20/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

At over 350 pages long, this book doesn’t give the immediate impression of being an easy read. The chapter headings don’t do anything to alter that perspective: there’s a lot of moral philosophy, evolution theory and brain physiology … Read More

Book Review: Business Matrix 3.0

22/04/2018 |

Business Matrix 3.0 by Darrell Mann

Years of ‘continuous improvement’ activity have pushed nearly every enterprise to the end of a dead-end road of ever increasing effort producing ever-diminishing returns.

When we find ourselves in these situations, we have only … Read More

Best of the Month – Scale

22/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

If 2017 is our year of ‘first principle’s, here’s a terrific contribution to the story. The new book of Geoffrey West, a theoretical physicist, comes with a mouthful of a subtitle that suggests he has unlocked the secrets … Read More

The Lessons Of History

04/03/2018 |

Darrell Mann

So, we travel back to 1969 for our selection this month and the work of genius that is Pullitzer Prize winning Will and Ariel Durant’s masterwork, ‘The Lessons Of History’. Well, actually, their official masterwork is the lifelong … Read More

TRIZmeta – A Game Of Rules For Breaking Rules

21/02/2018 |

Darrell Mann, Cara Faulkner



TRIZ is the world’s leading breakthrough solution generation methodology. TRIZ is in effect a series of heuristics that offer innovators the ‘rules for breaking the rules’. TRIZ tells us that there are many, many … Read More

Best of the Month – The Patterning Instinct

28/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Seeing as some of us are heading in to the holiday season, and therefore, in theory at least, have a bit more time available to get stuck into a really big book, I thought I’d recommend a 442 … Read More

Book Review: Extreme Ownership

11/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

If you want to find the ‘someone, somewhere that already solved your problem’, the best place to go look are places where people have a more extreme version of your problem. If you’re a manager operating in a … Read More

Beyond Engineering: TRIZ for…Marketing, Senior Management, Medicine, Software, Supply Chain, Scientists, Economists, Psychologists…and Me?

02/05/2016 |

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Book Review: Unifying Physics of Accelerators, Lasers and Plasma

01/03/2016 |

Book author:  Andrei Seyri

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Ohler, Principal at BMGI

See the publishers website here Discount code for TRIZ Journal readers: AZP98


With “Unifying Physics of Accelerators, Lasers and Plasma,” Seryi Andrei has written a fascinating account. It … Read More

Book Review: The Ideal Result

19/10/2015 |


Jack Hipple is a very popular TRIZ instructor. He works with the Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering societies, with his own clients, and with groups at conferences around the world on TRIZ for management as well as engineering applications. … Read More

Mark Barkan’s New Book: Success Factor

22/09/2015 |

Written by: Mark Barkan and Anatoly Guin, 2015

Purchase Here

Foreword for the English edition

Renowned physicist Leo Szilard proposed a simple, yet elegant image: Let’s represent all human knowledge as a ball. Then the space outside of the ball is … Read More

Book Review: Innovation on Demand – By Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin

07/05/2015 |

Publication Details: Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ by Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin. © 2005. Cambridge University Press ISBN-13 978-0-521-82620-4 £35 or $65

When I first encountered TRIZ back in 1997, there were two books … Read More

Book Review: Fishbone Flow

18/12/2006 |

Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK. Phone: +44 (1275) 337500 Fax: +44 (1275) 337509 E-mail: Fishbone Flow: Integrating Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and TRIZ By John Bicheno A PICSIE Book, 2006

Fishbone Flow is a 120-page quick reference guide … Read More

Book Review: Thoughtivity – A Treasure Chest

02/07/2006 |

Thoughtivity for Kids by Tatiana Sidorchuk and Nikolai Khomenko reviewed by Cal Halliburton and Sue McCarthy Title: Thoughtivity for Kids: Developing Creativity, Imagination, Problem Solving and Language in ages 3-8; Through TRIZ and Other Innovation Methods: A study manual … Read More

Review: JOURNAL OF TRIZ: Value to English-Speaking Readers

10/02/2006 |

by: Jack Hipple Publication Details: the Journal of TRIZ is the English translation of the Russian language magazine, which has just resumed publication in 2005 after a long hiatus. The cost of a single issue of the Journal of … Read More

Book Review: Innovation on Demand – By Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin

05/02/2006 |

Review by Dr. Jim Bradley James Bradley Ph.D., PE, 6 Sigma Site Leader & Master Black Belt and TRIZ Specialist, International Truck and Engine Corporation Publication Details: Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ by Victor Fey and Eugene … Read More