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Book Review: Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management by Darrell Mann

| On 22, Sep 2004

Reviewed by: Michael S. Slocum

Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management is published by IFR Press, and can be ordered from their bookstore at Hardback, 539 pages. £40 plus shipping.

This book is the follow-on to the popular TRIZ book titled Hands On Systematic Innovation. There has been an increase in page count (from 464 to 539) as well as a new focus on the managerial and business aspects of the application of TRIZ. The book is precluded by four warnings that have been designed to stop the person who will not be able to accept the contents. I found myself undaunted by them and proceeded right in. There are twentythree chapters and two appendices. The chapters are arranged as follows:



The first eight chapters of this book cover the same material as the original technical book but with a management and business focus. This is a critical difference for those unable or unwilling to convert by analogy from the technical realm to the non-technical realm. Chapter 9 on Perception Mapping is unique to this book and is used to create consensus concerning perceived aspects of the problem. The focus of the book then shifts to tool selection containing the usual suspects: contradiction elimination, trends, resources, IFR, as well as others. The main focus revolves around the application of TRIZ in non-technical arenas. This is the primary selling point of this fine piece or work and enough to make its inclusion in your TRIZ library definite.