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Teaching Innovation – Part III

10/11/2010 |

Praveen Gupta

There is a global desire to exploit innovation for gaining competitive advantage, and a significant effort to deploy innovation without knowing how to. Most business colleges are still pursuing entrepreneurship programs without much education in innovation. Recognition of … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 2 afternoon

04/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb “TRIZ Inside: When are you going to step out of the TRIZ closet?” was the after-lunch challenge from Hans van Grieken from the CapGemini innovation practice. He showed a wide variety of successful innovation companies, and asked, “Would … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 2 Morning

04/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

Professor Romano Nanni started the program with an illustrated talk”:Anthropo-zoomorphic models and kinematic models in Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanizations” The illustrations were from da Vinci’s own notebooks, and they wre both technically fascinating and beautiful as works of art. … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 1 Afternoon

03/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The opening session of the conference combined thanks to the organizers, led by Caterina Rizzi of the University of Bergamo, and a welcome from Stafano Paleari, rector of the university, with welcome and celebration of the 10th anniversary of … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 1 Morning

03/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The first morning of the TRIZ Futures Conference European TRIZ Association 2010 is devoted to tutorials. Jose Vicente (frequent TRIZ Journal author) is doing a half-day tutorial for beginners, and I am at the session presented by Simon Litwin, … Read More

Combine and Integrate!

22/10/2010 |

Jack HippleI have just returned from the annual PDMA conference in where I was also an official blogger and you can my commentary at the PDMA website, http://www.pdma.orgI had the pleasure of listening to and commenting upon many interesting presentations … Read More

Business Innoation Confernce Day 3 by John Forsberg

11/10/2010 |

Praveen Gupta

The morning Keynote session was scheduled for 8:30, and I walked in at 8:15 and met the planned speaker, Steve Shapiro. Steve immediately was friendly and quickly talked about his three weeks on the road, the components of … Read More

Search Party is Over for Google? TRIZ Analysis

27/09/2010 |

Prakasan Kappoth

I posted a commentary on search engine and IFR of a search engine here a while back; as search engine has found a place in my TRIZ examples, I thought of giving a shot to this news article (Google: … Read More

How Many Energy Changes Do You Make?

26/09/2010 |

Jack Hipple

There are some fundamental laws of science and engineering that are never violated. One of these says that every time you change energy from one form to another, you lose. The most efficient use of energy is to take … Read More

They Could Have Owned It!

26/09/2010 |

Jack Hipple

We have all watched as the “book” industry has restructured itself. Two key things are in the news. Blockbuster has gone into “chapter 11” and is closing a large fraction of its stores. Just recently it was announced that … Read More

2010 R&D Team Winner: Hormel Foods

16/09/2010 |

Lynda Curtin recently posted a terrific article profiling their 2010 R&D Team Winner: Hormel Foods. You must make time to read it if you are interested in learning how other companies approach innovation.

Phillip Minerich, Vice President R&D, is … Read More

Innovation Wars?

29/08/2010 |

Ellen Domb

Stop the Innovation Wars is the attention-getting title of this month’s Harvard Business Review attempt at controversy by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, both on the faculty at Dartmouth, and co-authors of a new book on innovation, due out … Read More

The Pressure in Your Tires

28/08/2010 |

Jack Hipple

When was the last time you put air in your tires? Do you have a relatively new car that has an automatic warming light to tell you that tire pressure is low? What did you do? Probably pulled into … Read More

Simplifying Smartly

26/08/2010 |

Jack Hipple

Have you paid attention to some of the new product developments lately and looked for some over-riding trends? Think about Dyson, the i-Phone, and the new electronic book readers from Borders and Barnes and Noble as examples. Dyson is selling vacuum cleaners … Read More

Open Innovation and TRIZ

19/08/2010 |

Ellen Domb

Two times in two weeks on two continents then twice more by e-mail people asked about TRIZ and open innovation.  Sounds like a trend?   I honestly had not given it much thought, and before my current exposure I would … Read More

Observations on the TRIZ Developers Summit 2010

09/08/2010 |

Guest Commentator

Kalevi Rantanen reports from the TRIZ Developers Summit 2010 ——————


* A non-governmental organization, the TRIZ Developers Summit conducted the conference in Saint Petersburg, July 26-27, 2010.* Approximately 90 experts from 12 countries participated in the summit.* First day … Read More

Oil and Chlorine DO Mix!

09/08/2010 |

Jack Hipple

“Oil Companies to Create Industry Response System for Deep-Water Oil Spills”

What’s so special about this announcement? It says that, after decades of off shore oil drilling, the industry is going to collaborate on safety matters. Do you … Read More

World Future Society Meeting Report

12/07/2010 |

Jack Hipple

The annual meeting of the World Future Society was held in Boston this past week and I attended to teach a short TRIZ Futures Course and listen to a few speakers address future issues of concern. It was interesting … Read More

Making Copies II

29/06/2010 |

Jack Hipple

How many of you are old enough to remember some of the original cast episodes of Saturday Night Live? There have been several famous ones including the mimicing of Julia Child’s cooking show and bleeding all over the food … Read More

"The Invention of Air"

24/06/2010 |

Jack HippleLast month we discussed resource utilization levels in food production and made some observations regarding inevitable trends. In that case we were talking about obvious resources. What about unobvious ones? We often say in our workshops that some of … Read More