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Wipro’s Growing Innovation Business

27/11/2006 |

Katie Barry

The following is from a Business Week Q&A with Wipro CEO Azim Premji:

Q: Wipro has a growing innovation business. How do you organize it?A: We have an innovation council consisting of the champions from different technology domains, practices, … Read More

Dilbert on Six Sigma and Innovation

26/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

Dilbert and his pointy haired boss tackled two topics that are near and dear to my heart: Six Sigma and innovation. In one fell swooop, he reduced both topics to buzz words and hype. While I’m sure there are … Read More


21/11/2006 |

Ellen Domb

Ron Fulbright at the University of South Carolina Upstate (and a TRIZ Journal author) has written an excellent article on the need for and requirements for “innostructure”—innovation infrastructure. This article appears in “Business Innovation” which is a publication related … Read More

IBM Dedicates $100 Million to Innovation

20/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

On Tuesday Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano announced that IBM would invest $100 million on ten new and innovative ideas that resulted from an online brainstorming session called InnovationJam.

InnovationJam, which was billed as the “largest-ever brainstorming session,” … Read More

Real Innovation Is Upon Us

15/11/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

Problem solving is something that we all do, almost all the time. We have a tendency to take problem solving skills that we have developed for granted. We don’t even consider our approach anymore. We just face the … Read More

Innovation Certification?

12/11/2006 |

Katie Barry

I recently listened to a webinar hosted by Spark Partners ( and KnowledgeShift ( called “Continuous Innovation and Beyond – How to Earn a Black Belt in Innovation Overview.” The title of the webinar was intriguing. Achieving innovation is … Read More

TRIZ in Business Week

12/11/2006 |

Ellen Domb

I’m the managing editor of The TRIZ Journal ( and a consultant, instructor and advocate for TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). So my commentaries for won’t have any hidden agendas or biases – my biases are right … Read More

Welcome to the Real Innovation Commentaries

10/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

A great deal has been published about innovation in the popular press lately. And very little of it has any substance. If 65% of global chief executives and other business leaders believe they will have to make fundamental changes … Read More