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Complexity, Contradictions, and Cost

31/05/2007 |

Michael S. Slocum

The holy grail of business performance has long been the simultaneous realization of time, cost, and quality. The right product delivered at the right time with the right margin. I refer to this as the business excellence triad. … Read More

TRIZ in Forbes

28/05/2007 |

Katie Barry

Be sure to check out “Ten People Who Could Change the World” in Forbes. This article talks about world-changing breakthroughs and includes a section discussing TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) by Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues – … Read More

Measures of Innovation

20/05/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

Why everyone wants to measure innovation without understanding the innovation process and its elements. I have seen, similar expectation for other performance measurements when we first want to get handle on some measures, fit some statistics to the numbers, … Read More

Over Innovation

19/05/2007 |

Ellen Domb

Our friend Roni Horowitz introduces the concept “over innovation” in his recent ASIT newsletter.  For more about his work, his courses and books, see  The rest of this commentary is reprinted from his newsletter 282–thanks, Roni!

Why do … Read More

Innovation Epicycles

14/05/2007 |

Michael S. Slocum

“”Adding epicycles” has, thanks to the many attempts to make the obviously failed earth-centered model work, come to be used as a derogatory comment in modern scientific lingo. If one continues to try to adjust a theory to … Read More

Last Day of Front End of Innovation

11/05/2007 |

Katie Barry

It was another jam-packed day of innovation ideas today and now that I’m back in my hotel room, I’m ready to share what I listened to today.

The morning keynote speaker was Dustan E. McCoy, Chairman & CEO of … Read More

Day 2 of the Front End of Innovation

10/05/2007 |

Katie Barry

Dale McIntyre with PDMA welcomed everyone (500-600 of us) to day one of the main Front End of Innovation conference.

Conference chairman Peter Koen followed and presented some best practices in the front end and led us through … Read More

Front End of Innovation Conference

09/05/2007 |

Katie Barry

I’m in Boston this week, attending the Front End of Innovation conference. This afternoon the full conference began with a kickoff keynote by Peter Diamandis, M.D., best known as the founder of the X Prize and who wears a … Read More

Education in Innovation

05/05/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

In my earlier commentary, I was searching for courses on the process of innovation. While it is difficult to find courses on teaching the process of innovation, however, universities such as Harvard, University of Chicago, and Kellogg School of … Read More

TRIZCON – Last Two Sessions

25/04/2007 |

Katie BarryTRIZ Grows TRIZ

We’re in the last stretch of the conference now and it’s time for some self-promotion – founding TRIZ Journal editor Ellen Domb is presenting on behalf of The TRIZ Journal (co-editors Michael Slocum and I are in … Read More

TRIZCON – Last Day in Louisville

25/04/2007 |

Katie BarryKeynote Speaker

This morning’s keynote featured Alla Nesterenko (Russian TRIZ specialist) doing a presentation on “OTSM-TRIZ as an Efficient Tool for Implementation of Problem Based Learning.” (Nikolai Khomenko kindly translated for the majority of the presentation.) She (and her … Read More

TRIZCON Comments From Ellen Domb

24/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

Ellen Domb is guesting in my commentary section so all the (live) TRIZCON  comments are in the same place.


I’m in “Improve the Wear of Titanium Drum Edges and Simplification of Buffing Process Using Trimming” by Shinhoo Choi … Read More

TRIZCON – Super Effects and Predictive Failure Analysis

24/04/2007 |

Katie BarrySuper Effects

Gunter Ladewig of PRIMA Performance Ltd. is leading the talk on Super Effects, The Synergistic Effects of TRIZ. Start by eliminating a system’s contradiction by using the inventive principles or trends of engineering system evolution, you end up … Read More

TRIZ Journal Editors Together!

24/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

For the first time since The TRIZ Journal became a part of the CTQ Media family, the three editors are together at TRIZCON2007! From left to right, we are Ellen Domb, Michael Slocum and yours truly, Katie Barry.

Read More

TRIZCON continues – de Bono and TRIZ

24/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

There are five different tracks going today (TRIZCON and GOAL/QPC sessions are open to all attendees.) so I’ll only be highlighting a small portion of today’s learnings.

Pat Carlisle, president of The de Bono Group, is leading us through … Read More

TRIZCON Day 2 – Keynote

24/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

This morning is the keynote speaker for the conference – Professor H. Thomas (Tom) Johnson. (It is a shared keynote with GOAL/QPC, which is also having its conference at the Louisville Marriott.)

Tom is incorporating the news that Toyota … Read More

More from Day 1 of TRIZcon – ARIZ and Substance Field Analysis

23/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

This is the 9th year of The Altshuller Institute’s TRIZCON – an annual meeting of TRIZ professionals. There are other large TRIZ conferences hosted worldwide by other TRIZ associations: ETRIA (the European TRIZ Association) and AMETRIZ (the Mexican TRIZ … Read More

Day 1 TRIZCON – TRIZ for IP Strategies Development

23/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

Sergei Ikovenko is the leader of this session, discussing the importance of patents and patent strategies, including:

  • Competitive patent circumvention by trimming: eliminate a component but keep useful functions
  • Competitive patent circumvention by history estoppel research: … Read More

TRIZCON 2007 Begins!

23/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

I’m in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A., for the next three days for The Altshuller Institute’s TRIZCON2007. Today  there are three tutorial tracks. Track 1 is TRIZ for Beginners co-presented by The TRIZ Journal’s founding editor Ellen Domb and Joe Miller. Track … Read More

Economic Growth Through Innovation

20/04/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

Some time ago, I was discussing innovation with a friend. We were discussing job losses in various industries, and how the new jobs with lower pay are being created in service operations. In order for businesses to create better … Read More