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Bedpan Using TRIZ

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 2024
Posted by: gaby
Posted on: Saturday, 7th May 2011


I need to redesign a bedpan (medical use) using triz to make confortable for a school proyect and I honestly don?t have a clue.

Hope you can help me I would really appreciate it

Gaby form Mexico

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Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Thursday, 12th May 2011

One question is how to use TRIZ, and a different question is why to use TRIZ.   Generally, you use TRIZ when the problem cannot be solved by conventional methods, and you want a creative solution.  For many projects, especially school projects, there is the assumption that there is a contradiction and that the contradiction resolution tools (for either physical or technical contradictions) will suggest solutions.  

If this is the situation, start with the problem:   I want the bedpan to be large (to make it easy to use cleanly) and I want it to be small (to make it comfortable for the patient.)   This is a physical contradiction, so apply the separation principles.   OR you might have a technical (trade-off) contradiction:  When the thickness (length of a stationary object) gets larger, the ease of use (related to comfort) gets worse.   Then you can apply the contradiction matrix and the 40 principles, OR you can work on eliminating the assumptions that cause the contradiction, and improving the ideality of the system.   Maybe you can get rid of the bedpan, instead of improving it.   

I hope this helps you get started.  There have been several textbooks serialized in the TJ, so your next step might be to do some research.

Message: 2026
Posted by: C Nikulin
Posted on: Saturday, 14th May 2011

Dear Gabi

you can take TRIZ to solve problems in health, for example you can use the substancefield model proposing new changes interecci?n between skin-needlemedicine.

for example using substancefield you can make new solutions like the one attached on the next page.
field change mechanicalhydraulic to chemical or biological.

From the medical point of view substancefield model provides better alternative solution as you can alter the fields or substances depending on the problem, will be more valuable than working with the inventive principles that are more focused on solving technical problems.


Message: 2028
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Sunday, 15th May 2011

Definitely a good approach–I suggested the contradictions because a person who has no idea where to start might be more familiar with simple tools.

Gabi–did we help you get started?

Message: 2030
Posted by: shree phadnis
Posted on: Monday, 23rd May 2011

the approach will be as follows.1. Conduct a research on on the available bed pans and designs, including patent search2. Conduct historical search on the bed pans and the various problems that were resolved in time3. Identify a list of various problems, some can even be based on existing patents and how to circumvent them 4. Formulate contradictions and develop concepts5. Use laws of evolution6. Use Pugh selection matrix to choose best design7. develop prototype8. Look for possible patent opportunities